Red Hot Devil

Red Hot Devil

  • Casino: Black Diamond
  • Category: Free Spins
  • Title: Red Hot Devil
  • Type: 5x3 Reels, 25 Paylines, Red Hot Multiplier Bonus Game, Wheel of Fire Bonus Bonus Game, Red Hot Wild Reels Bonus Game, Free Spins, and Multiplier.
  • Genre: Devil, Sexy
  • Bonus: 25 Free Spins on Signup
  • Software: Microgaming
  • Summary: Talk about turning up the heat with one of the sexiest slots called the Red Hot Devil. Simply follow The Red Hot Devil into her den of wins! Tempting graphics and hot bonus features include not one, but three Bonus Games that award Free Spins!
  • Not Available In: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Denmark, France and Territories, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Territories. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
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Everyone knows that sex sells so it is unsurprising that there is a fair few slots which celebrate the male and female form at its most vivacious, sultry and sensual.

Microgaming's Red Hot Devil slot has a rather sultry and curvaceous lady as its main protagonist wearing a devil outfit that would not look out of place at one of the late Hugh Hefner's infamous parties.

Not that I'm complaining; slots players are 18+ years or more and it makes a nice change to delve a little into the lustier side of things rather than be bombarded with any number of cartoon-styled cutesy animals.

In truth, what a slot is about matters less than its content in terms of how it plays and it is here that we will be looking a bit more deeply at what this Red Hot Devil offers us, more so than her choice of attire.


  • Game: Red Hot Devil
  • Developer: Microgaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 25 (non-selectable)
  • Minimum Bet: $0.25
  • Maximum Bet: $125.00
  • Jackpot: 25,000
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: Medium to High

Where can I play the Red Hot Devil slot?

If you want to play the Red Hot Devil slot at a top quality casino then look no further than the excellent options available at Black Diamond Casino.

Sign up today and you will receive 25 Free Spins just for signing up, plus a 200% Bonus on your first deposit! In addition to these goodies, there's more... weekly bonuses, slots tournaments, and cash prizes to be won every month.


The presentation of the Red Hot Devil slot is very nicely done. All the symbols are predominantly colored red, or black, or a combination of both, with flames emanating from all symbols. While the styling may be a little basic, the choice of retro symbols, updated in this new Red Hot livery works very well indeed and is striking.

Special mention must be made here too of the fantastic rock-styled soundtrack which plays as you spin the reels. This really does give the slot a rather nice edge and you almost feel you should be playing the slot while swigging from a bottle of whisky while getting a death's head tattoo etched into your shoulder.

The presentation may be simple but it is a fine example of how you can set up a slot beautifully with careful choice of symbol design and accompanying music and sound effects.

What is on the reels?

On the reels are a number of red-themed symbols all of which have a sense of excitement or danger, or are linked in with retro slot gaming. The Cherries are the lowest value symbols followed by dice, the scorpion, the snake, the devil's trident and the bunch of roses. The highest value symbols are the set of playing cards, the number 7, the set of lips and the Red Hot Devil herself who offers the highest standard pay out of 200 coins when you land five on a pay line.

Wild features

The Red Hot Devil logo is the Wild symbol and this can substitute for any of the standard symbols outlined above, but cannot be used to replace the scatter. The Wild appears across all the reels and it can be the key to unlocking some of the higher value wins in the base game, especially when landed on multiple reels on a single spin.

Free Spins features

The flaming heart is the scatter symbol in the game and when you land two or more of them on the reels you receive a pay out ranging from 1x your bet to 200 times your bet depending on how many scatters landed. In addition, if you land three or more scatters then you trigger the Bonus Game choice, where you can pick from three bonus games to play.

The first is a Free Spins bonus game, Red Hot Multiplier, which comes with a multiplier which starts off at 1x and each time you land a scatter symbol on the first and fifth reels during your free spins, the multiplier will increase up to a maximum of 10x your total win. Furthermore, if you land a scatter on reels one and five on the same free spin, you trigger an additional ten free spins, up to a maximum of 50.

The second game is the Wheel of Fire Bonus which allows you to select icons from a wheel of fire. Each fire icon will either reveal a heart, which can contain a cash prize, or a bonus multiplier. Be careful though as if you select the jester on the wheel, then your bonus game will end. Keep picking the hearts to keep increasing the total value of your prize before you land the jester.

Alternatively, you can elect to play the Red Hot Wild Reels bonus game which is 10 free spins with up to three reels turned wild on each free spin. The middle three reels will turn randomly Wild on each spin and if you land a scatter on the first or fifth reels, then these can turn Wild too. Land scatters on both and you turn both reels wild and re-trigger an additional 10 free spins.

Other Bonus Features

All of the three bonus features in the Red Devil slot are activated by landing the scatter symbols and triggering the free spins bonus. There are no additional bonus features other than the three bonus games accessed here.

Best feature of the Red Hot Devil slot

Undoubtedly the Free Spins bonus games are the best feature of the Red Hot Devil slot. The fact that you can select from three and that all have the potential for some massive rewards (especially if you can trigger them with five scatters) makes it a very enticing bonus indeed. The problem is these bonuses can be tricky to land so it does require patience and a little effort to trigger the free spins, but you usually find that your efforts are rewarded when you do.

What does the Red Hot Devil slot lack?

The one item I would have liked to have seen in the Red Hot Devil slot is something to liven up the base game a little. The bonus round is exciting and to have a choice of three different options is great, but the base game itself does get repetitive at times and it can be somewhat tiresome to play through, solely being focused on triggering the bonus game. The addition of something such as a random triggering base game bonus, or perhaps another bonus game that you could trigger in a different way, would have helped given the Red Hot Devil slot additional appeal beyond its key bonus features.


The Red Hot Devil could have easily been a complete mess and it is credit to Microgaming that they have developed a slot on this tricky theme that is both tasteful and well-designed. The bonus features of the slot are excellent and they really do reward players well, but they can take a little time to trigger and as such, this is definitely a higher variance game with the rewards to match. The base game can play a little tight at times, but there is the opportunity for decent wins here too if you can land multiple wilds across the reels. This is a fun, enjoyable and well-presented slot which has surprising depth to it and is certainly a game you will come back to play time and time again.


  • Presentation: 14 / 20 - I think the "fiery hell" theme can be done to death a little on slots, but in the Red Hot Devil slot, it works very well. The fact that the Devil is a very attractive female obviously adds a little sex-appeal to the slot and given the title, it works very well on several levels. The game itself is nicely presented and the soundtrack in particular is very well done. The animations are smooth and the whole slot plays very nicely, it just doesn't quite have the same excitement of presentation of some of the very best games.
  • Game-Play: 13 / 20 -The one aspect of the game-play that doesn't help the Red Hot Devil slot is the fact that the base game is so repetitive and you just are trying to trigger the bonus features on every spin in order to give you a chance of a bigger value win. Being able to land a bonus feature or two here would have lifted the game-play significantly. The base game does offer some sizeable wins alongside the lower value wins but these are generally tough to hit and the better value wins are more easily found when the bonuses are triggered.
  • Bonus Features: 15 / 20 - I think the choice of bonuses in the Free Spins round are excellent and the fact that you can pick from three makes this a particularly good bonus. All three options have a range of pay outs on offer and each can be lucrative for the player, although some do tend to pay out more consistently than others. That said, you won't get too bored of playing through these games as they do tend to offer good value wins when triggered.
  • Entertainment Factor: 13 / 20 - The only problem with the Red Hot Devil slot is that it is somewhat repetitive to have to play through the base-game, with no random bonus games to liven things up, in order to access the free spins bonus round. When you do hit it, then things can get more exciting but sometimes the base game will drag and it will seem like an age in between you hitting the bonus and you re-triggering it once again. That is the main issue with the entertainment value here as there isn't enough excitement in the base game to make those long sessions to trigger the bonuses exciting enough.
  • Play Value: 12 / 20 - The play value on the Red Hot Devil slot is pretty decent, if you can trigger the bonus features. The base game does tend to play a little tight on occasions, but on some sessions, it seemed to throw several higher value wins at me. What I deduced from that is that this is a very hot and cold slot, some days it will reward you, other days it will take a large bite out of your bankroll and your key to mitigating that is landing those bonus features as often as you can. If you can do this then this is a slot which won't leave your finances in too big a mess.
  • Overall 67 / 100 - The Red Hot Devil slot is a rocking game that has plenty going for it. The bonus features in particular are the strongest elements of the slot and the presentation is pretty good too. The main issue is a base game which, while doing the job in terms of offering a decent medium variance game, just doesn't have the wow-factor you would expect in order to make you stand up and take notice. That said, Red Hot Devil is a perfectly serviceable slot and it is one that a great many people will enjoy.

Good Luck!

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