Slotfather Part II

Slotfather Part II

  • Casino: Black Diamond
  • Category: Free Spins
  • Title: Slotfather Part II
  • Type: 5x3 Reels, 243 Ways to Win, Gangster Bonus Game, Stacked Wilds, Free Spins, and a Coin Toss Gamble Feature.
  • Genre: Mafia
  • Bonus: 25 Free Spins on Signup
  • Software: Betsoft Gaming
  • Summary: Be aware of who you double cross in the outstanding The Slotfather Part II slot, which is an exciting sequel to their original Slotfather game. Part II comes with new features such as the Gangster Bonus and a Coin Toss Gamble Feature where players can double up, or lose all. It's the way of the Cosa Nostra!
  • Not Available In: Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Israel, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Territories. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
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La Cosa Nostra have been the inspiration for many great film and TV classics such as The Sopranos, widely regarded by many as one of the finest TV series of all time. Films like Casino, Donnie Brasco and of course The Godfather series are also rated as shining examples inspired by the famous mafia.

In the slot world though there was one slot that was reckoned by many to be the finest based on the series and that was the original Slotfather slot from Betsoft games. Well now there is a much-awaited sequel out to that original, The Slofather Part II.

So does this remake outdo the original? I decided to take a closer look and give you our honest opinion on the slot, so let's hope I don't wake up in the morning with a horse's head next to me in bed if things don't quite turn out to be as good as I hoped.


  • Game: The Slotfather Part II
  • Developer: Betsoft
  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 243 Ways to Win
  • Minimum Bet: $0.25
  • Maximum Bet: $125.00
  • Jackpot: 300x
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: Medium to High

Where can I play The Slotfather Part II slot?

If you are looking to play the Slotfather Part II slot at a high quality casino, then we are going to recommend two top casinos, both of which offer the same outstanding value new player deal when you sign up.

Head on over to Black Diamond Casino, or Spartan Slots and when you register and make your first deposit, you'll receive a fantastic 200% bonus on it, giving you treble the amount of funds you would ordinarily have to play with. Yet that's not all as on your first deposit you will also receive 25 free spins too.

The good news doesn't end there however as on your second, third and fourth deposits you'll also receive a 100% bonus on each, doubling the amount of money you have available to play with on each of these deposits. Then on your fifth deposit, you will round things off with a 175% deposit for another bumper bonus.

This is a fantastic deal which will allow you to get a great deal for your money when you sign up, giving you plenty of cash with which you can try a host of top quality slots, including the brand new Slotfather Part II from Betsoft.


One of the most impressive aspects of the original Slotfather game was its presentation and I'm delighted to say that the quality is just as good, if not better, on the sequel. Set against the backdrop of some suitably Italian sounding music, the game is set in the Slotfather's domain,  and the man himself sits to the left of the reels.

He's got a rather glum expression, but is dressed in suitably “Mafioso” attire and carrying a gun while smoking on a cigar. Land a bigger sized win on the reels and he'll get suitably animated and be delighted for you which is a nice touch.

All the main controls of the slot are at the foot of the reels with the coin selection buttons, the Bet Level buttons on the left and the main Spin buttons on the right including an Auto play button and the Double Up button which is one of the features of the slot that you can access after a standard base game win.

What's on the reels?

There are a total of six standard symbols on the reels. There is the leaning tower of pizza, a meat cleaver, a wad of dollar bills and a cigar with a tumbler of Whisky. These are the four lower value wins with prizes from 2 coins up to 100 coins available to be won.

Higher value symbols are the cards offering wins from 8 coins to 200 coins and the Slotfather himself is the highest value standard symbol offering wins from 25 coins up to 300 coins.  These symbols can appear stacked up to two symbols high on the reels.

Alongside these six standard symbols however there are three Gangster symbols and these three symbols are stacked three high on the reels, which mean that they can cover an entire reel. These giant symbols only offer wins of 5 coins to 35 coins each, but because they can be triggered across multiple pay lines, they can offer you a chance of some of the biggest value wins in the game.

Furthermore, land three or more of the Gangster symbols in full anywhere on the reels and you trigger a bonus feature on the slot, which we will explore in more detail later.

Outside of these symbols there are just two additional symbols on the reels, the Wild and Scatter and what these symbols do will be outlined in the two sections below.

Wild Features

The Wild symbol is easily identifiable as the symbol with the word Wild written large across it and in the base game it appears only on the second and fourth reels. When it lands, it can substitute for any of the standard or the giant gangster symbols to create winning pay lines, furthermore you can have more than one Wild stacked on top of another to give you the chance of additional pay line wins.

There are no other Wild features in the base game to speak of and it is a little disappointing that Wild wins don't award some kind of multiplier given how rarely you'll hit one. However the number of Wilds you can land does increase in the free spins round so we'll explore that in more detail below.

Free Spins Features

To trigger the Free Spins bonus game you need to land three or more of the Truck scatter symbols anywhere across the reels. When you do that you will not only win a cash prize, but the Free Spins bonus game will load up and award you 8, 12 or 20 free spins, depending on whether you land three, four or five of the truck scatters to trigger the bonus.

During this round, all prize wins on the reels are doubled, furthermore you have extra Wilds on the reels as they are now present on the first and fifth reels too, allowing you the chance to trigger additional pay line wins from landing Wilds on these reels.

At the end of every Free Spins round, you will also be awarded a randomly selected Slotfather Bonus. This is a cash award selected at random by the Slotfather and this will be added to the amount you have won in free spins to complete your win in the bonus feature.

Other Bonus Features

The other main bonus feature of the slot is the Gangster Bonus and this is triggered when you land three of the same Giant Gangster symbols anywhere across the reels in full. If you land just two of one of the Giant Gangster symbols on the reels, then you will get a free re-spin of the other reels to see if you can land the third to start the bonus.

Once the bonus is triggered you are then taken to a second screen and depending on which of the three gangsters you triggered, you will pick envelopes to win cash prizes until you pick the envelope which says "Collect" at which point the bonus will end.

Depending on which gangster you triggered, your bonus game will play out slightly differently:

  • Fat Tony (Green) - means you get lower value envelopes but  you are more likely to have more picks in the bonus round.
  • Frankie Knuckles (Blue) - Has high value envelopes, but you are more likely to click on the “Collect” button to finish the round sooner.
  • Snake Eyes Sammy (Red) - Has medium value prize and a mid-range chance of hitting the Collect button.

Alongside the Gangster Bonus, you can also elect to try and double up any base game win using the Double Up button. This is a gamble feature which allows you to try and increase the value of a win by selecting Heads or Tails in a coin toss. You can gamble all your win, or half of it, and if you win, you double the amount of your stake.

Be wary though as if you lose, you will lose everything you wager.

Best Feature of the The Slotfather Part II slot

There's a great deal to like in the Slotfather Part II slot but my favorite feature is the Free Spins bonus round. I think it is easier to trigger than the Gangster Bonus and if you can land four or five of the scatters rather than three, then you stand a much better chance of a decent sized win. The Slotfather bonus at the end of the round is also a nice touch which helps boost some of the lower value wins you get when you trigger the bonus.

What does the The Slotfather Part II slot lack?

To be honest, the main thing the Slotfather Part II lacks is regular wins in the base game. Unfortunately, most of the base game wins are small and by small, I tend to mean less than what you would bet. This means even these wins still see you lose money. However, if you persevere and play through, you can win some larger amounts of money in the bonus features and indeed it is triggering these features which will give you the best chance of a decent return on the slot.


The Slotfather Part II is an excellent sequel to the original game, which was very popular when it was first released into casinos. The bonus features are well thought out and neatly done and the slot is presented very nicely indeed. My one gripe is the value and frequency of wins in the base game which makes this a medium or perhaps even a medium to high variance game, but if you prefer those types of games you are going to find plenty to keep you interested here.


  • Presentation: 18 / 20 - This is a beautifully presented and executed game which has some outstanding graphics and animations and a nice Italian-sounding musical accompaniment as you play. Betsoft have captured the mafia-ambiance quite beautifully in this slot while injecting a little humor into it too when you win.
  • Game-Play: 11 / 20 - If something lets the Slotfather Part II slot down, then it is the game-play. Too many base game wins are low in value and don't cover the bet you make and this makes the slot sometimes very expensive to play and it can take a sizeable chunk out of your bankroll if you play it at too high an amount per spin. It also means the base game does get a little repetitive at times while you try to trigger a feature game.
  • Bonus Features: 16 / 20 - There's a great and potentially lucrative Free Spins round plus you get a special cash bonus at the end of the free spins round which is a nice touch. The Gangster Bonus is also a great feature although can be difficult to trigger and the Gamble option with the Double Up button is a good way to try and increase those lower value base game wins.
  • Entertainment Factor: 15 / 20 - The Slotfather Part II is a fantastic slot in terms of being entertaining. It can be a little tiresome to spin through the base game spins to trigger the features as you don't get too many higher value wins, but the features are well worth waiting for and this anticipation heightens the fun of the game.
  • Play Value: 12 / 20 - As we stated before, too many base game wins are too small and mean you make a loss on the spin overall, so it would have been nice to have seen a multiplier win or two added to the mix here to make the base game not quite so keen to devour your bankroll, but you can win some big amounts in the feature games which does balance things out a little.
  • Overall 72 / 100 - The Slotfather Part II is a worthy sequel to the much-loved original capturing the Mafioso vibe quite beautifully. It is a medium variance slot so needs to be approached with care but played at the right level for your bankroll you won't find many better slots to enjoy.

Good Luck!

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