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Do you want to play at a casino with Reais (R$), US dollars or Mexican pesos (Mex$)? Maybe you would like the option to use bitcoin? How about signing up with a casino that offers you all of this, plus a massive selection of top casino games and now, a brand-new way to play the most popular casino game of all; slots.

That casino is Bovada Casino and it is easy to see why natives of these countries are flocking to the site. Available in Portugués brasileiro, Español as well as US English it is easy to see why Spanish-speaking Americans, Mexicans and Brazilians are raving about the options available at this popular online casino.

However, it is the new Leaderboards feature which has really got players at the casino excited. Slot games are always one of the biggest attractions at any online casino and Bovada is no different, but their new Leaderboards feature gives players the chance to play slots like never before and even win prizes for doing so.

How does it all work? Read on to find out.


What is Bovada's Leaderboards feature?

Bovada Casino Leaderboards feature is a new way for players to earn bonus cash and potentially other prizes while playing some of their most favorite slots at the casino. The actual process by which the Leaderboards feature works is very simple and is outlined below:

  1. Once you are a Bovada Casino member, head on over to the Casino Leaderboards page once you have logged in. Once here you can see the wide range of different Leaderboard competitions that are taking place over the next few hours or so.
  2. Scroll through the Leaderboards until you find one that takes your fancy. When you see one that you like click the Launch button. This will open your chosen slot game in the special Leaderboard mode.
  3. Once the Start Time for your Leaderboard is reached, you can then start playing on your chosen slot game and as you play, all the money you spend, plus any winnings you achieve on your slot will count towards your points total for this competition. Your points will be collated by the Leaderboard tool and it will be ranked against other players also competing in the same competition.
  4. Once the duration of the Leaderboard event has expired, the final points totals for each of the competing players are compiled and a final Leaderboard is shown. The top three players on this Leaderboard will win a prize. This is usually in the form of a Bonus Cash payout.
  5. If you enjoyed that Leaderboard slot game, then you can go back to the first step, scroll through the list of forthcoming games and Launch another to try your hand again.

Key Questions about the Leaderboard feature

  • What games are offered as part of the Leaderboard feature?

The majority of games offered on the Leaderboard feature are slot games such as A Night with Cleo and the Fast and Sexy slot. However, there is also a Blackjack game that is offered as part of the Leaderboard feature for players that want to play card games as opposed to slots.

  • How long does a Leaderboard tournament last?

The length of tournaments can vary from around 15 minutes to 25 minutes, but most are around the 20-minute mark in length. The start times for each of the tournaments is also displayed on the Full Schedule of events and if you click on the tournament, it will also reveal details of the prizes available to be won for that tournament.

  • What are the prizes I can win in a Leaderboard tournament?

At the moment, the prizes you can win as part of the tournament are Bonus Cash awards that range from $5 in your currency up to $20 in your currency. This cash is added to your bonus funds balance and cannot be withdrawn until you have played through the amount won five times.

  • Where can I find the results of previous Leaderboard tournaments?

The Leaderboard page at Bovada Casino will list the results of the results that have been completed on the current day and you can check how you performed here.

  • Are there any conditions set for the Leaderboard tournaments?

That depends on the tournament and the conditions for each can be different. Some games may, for example, require you to make a minimum number of spins in the tournament to be considered for a prize. You can view any conditions for the tournament by clicking on the 'details' tab for the event you are perusing.

  • Can I track my progress in an event while the tournament is in progress?

Yes, the Leaderboard tool ranks your progress in real-time when an event is in progress so you can see where you stand in the event at any time.

Want to try Leaderboards, then sign up for Bovada

If you like the sound of the new Leaderboards feature at Bovada Casino, then why not give it a try for yourself? If you do then as a bonus, you can qualify for a brilliant Welcome Bonus that is available for new players at the casino and which could be worth as much as $3,000!

How does it work? Well it's extremely easy to take advantage of this offer from Bovada. Simply join the site and open your account with the casino. Then when you come to make your first deposit, simply enter the Bonus Code NEWWELCOME when completing that initial transaction.


On that first deposit, you will receive a 100% Matched Bonus worth up to $1,000 when you do, meaning that you will double the amount of money you have available to you.

However, that is not all, you can then use this same code on your next two deposits to once again claim a 100% Matched Deposit bonus of up to $1,000 each time. Max out your deposits each time and that is an additional $3,000 worth of cash to play with at the Bovada Casino.

That is plenty of money for you to enjoy yourself trying your hand at the new Leaderboards features!

Where can I play Bovada Casino?

If you are resident in Brasil, Mexico or the United States (apart from Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey or Nevada) then you can sign up with Bovada Casino. Not only that the site is available in several languages including Portugués brasileiro, as well as English and Español, which makes it a great choice for Spanish-speaking Americans as well as English speakers.

Furthermore, you can also use different currencies to play on the site including Bitcoin, R$, Mex$ and US$ which makes Bovada Casino very flexible for players across Northern, Central and Southern America.

Given the wide range of games available on the site and the exciting new Leaderboards feature, which takes slot gaming to a whole new level, it is easy to see why Bovada Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Mexico, Brasil and the US.


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