Casino game developer Betsoft Gaming were early adopters of 3D graphics

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3D casino game developer Betsoft Gaming, sometimes known simply as Betsoft, has nearly 10 years of history behind it and over 150 games developed.

The company is headquartered in Malta's capital city of Valletta. They are well known throughout the industry for pushing the boundaries of technology. For example, Betsoft Gaming was one of the early adopters of 3D graphics for video slots. They continue to be an industry leader in 3D animation.

As a standalone game developer, Betsoft Gaming does very well contributing to the state of the industry. But there are times when they go one step further by partnering with other industry players to develop new technologies, create new platforms, or produce explosive new titles.

You may be familiar with Betsoft Gaming if you are a big mobile gambler. Mobile games are one of the company's strong points. They have even gone so far as to create a separate division for mobile development known as 'ToGo'. The name just about says it all. ToGo games have a reputation that precedes them.

Betsoft Gaming's history

First established in 2006, Betsoft Gaming has made a name for itself as a producer of premier casino games. Over more than 10 years of game development, the company has made quite a few contributions in the areas of graphic arts, game design, 3D animation, and software engineering.

The company's first commercially available video slot was released in 2010. The first title from the ToGo division followed just a year later. In 2014, Betsoft Gaming obtained their Class 4 license from the Malta Gaming Authority, making them a legitimate player in the online gambling space.

2016 marked a milestone year for Betsoft Gaming. That was the year they began shifting from away from Flash in favor of HTML5. The company was also AAMS approved and certified in Italy that same year. They followed that achievement in 2018 by obtaining their Class 2 license from the Romanian National Gambling Office.

Despite not having the name recognition afforded to some larger companies, Betsoft Gaming has continued to thrive over the years by concentrating on developing high quality games that are compelling and interesting. Since 2017 the company has been the recipient of several major awards, including the 2018 MIGEA Malta iGaming Excellence Award.

Betsoft Gaming's products

Betsoft Gaming is most well-known for their 3D slot games. But those games do not paint the whole picture. Betsoft Gaming is a more extensive developer with numerous other products on offer. All their products can be classified under one of the following six categories:

  • Desktop Games - Games developed for this category are playable via desktop PCs and browsers. They are video slots, poker games, table games, and scratch cards.
  • Mobile Games - Betsoft Gaming's mobile games have been designed primarily for modern smartphones and tablets by the company's ToGo division. Their underlying architecture is based on modern standards for responsiveness and mobility.
  • Other Products - Slots and table games are just the beginning of online gambling for Betsoft Gaming. The company also produces several other products including mini games and a virtual race book. These additional products offer customers extra sources of revenue. They are engaging and entertaining for players as well.
  • Shift Platform - Betsoft Gaming's Shift Platform is a casino operating platform designed for desktop computers. It is an HTML5 platform, making it compliant with all the latest internet standards. The platform simplifies development for Betsoft Gaming and deployment for customers.
  • Casino Manager - The Casino Manager platform is a management and administrative package designed for customers. It offers a completely modular experience that allows customers to build their online casinos as they see fit. The platform includes a number of helpful tools for analyzing, growing, and expanding a customer's operations.
  • Vault - A desire to address the reality of slow internet connections led Betsoft Gaming to create the Vault platform. This platform includes downloadable software that players can use to access online casino games through a native application instead of a web browser. It evens the playing field so that even those with slow internet connections can enjoy Betsoft games.

Knowing what we know about Betsoft Gaming's expertise in the 3D gaming arena it is somewhat disappointed that the company hasn't developed any live games. The more than 150 titles already in their portfolio are quite impressive as is.

Examples of Betsoft Gaming titles

Betsoft Gaming offers games in all the most popular categories. Their video slots are undoubtedly the most popular games in their portfolio, but their table games and video poker selections are nothing to sneeze at either. Their table games category features no fewer than 20 titles covering roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, and more.

To help you get a better understanding of who this company is and what they do, here are a few brief descriptions of some of their more popular titles:

  • Giovanni's Gems

It is kind of difficult to explain this game in terms of the theme. If you can imagine throwing Robin Hood, fairies, elves, and an enchanted forest into one big pot and mixing it up, Giovanni's Gems would probably jump out. This is a very intriguing game themed around a mystical forest and its many opportunities for treasure hunting.

One of the things that makes this game so unusual is it 7 x 7 real set up. But that's not all. Note that there are no pay lines. In fact, the goal here is not to match rows of like symbols beginning at the far-left position. It is to land clusters of symbols anywhere on the reels. Any like symbols that touch in any way form a cluster. Clusters of three or more win.

Making Giovanni's Gems even better are a handful of extra features that add to your winnings. They include diamond symbols that multiply winnings when they appear next to a winning cluster along with a free spins bonus game. There is even a gamble feature that lets players place a double-or-nothing wager on the winnings they earn from a single spin.

  • Tiger's Claw

This game is one of the newest slots from Betsoft Gaming. It is a 5-reel game with a diamond configuration. In other words, there are three rows on the first reel, four on the second, and five on the third. The fourth and fifth reels have four and three rows respectively.

Because of the setup, the pay lines in this game are really winning ways. You can win from the left or right side, and even from the center, as long as you land at least three consecutive symbols that are alike. Those symbols do not have to be on a single line; they only have to be on consecutive reels.

Tiger's Claw allows players to choose the number of coins they want to wager along with a bet value. The game allows for doubling up, auto-play, and Max Bet wagering. Bonus features include a free spins game that could award up to 96 free spins per round.

  • Red Dog

Betsoft Gaming's Red Dog title is their take on a popular card game by the same name. Red dog is played with just three cards at a time. Those three cards are ranked the same way they would be in a standard poker game. Two cards are laid on the table, the player places his or her bet, and the third card is dealt. Without getting into details, the fall of the third card determines whether the player wins or loses.

Red Dog from Betsoft Gaming is a clean, fast, seamless game that offers an enjoyable experience. The graphics are just as remarkable as what you'll find in the company's 3D slot games. Everything is designed to provide an experience that makes you feel like you're actually sitting at a Red Dog table facing down the dealer.

  • Caribbean Poker

Caribbean poker is a specialized form of poker developed a few years ago as a way to get more gamblers to the table, gamblers who otherwise avoided poker because of its slow pace. Needless to say that Caribbean poker is a fast-paced game that dispenses with bluffing.

Betsoft Gaming's version is a high-quality game with top-notch graphics and an easy-to-use interface. It presents a beautiful Caribbean poker table along with drag-and-drop poker chips and the minimum number of computer-generated buttons necessary to control game action.

Where can I play Betsoft games?

The casinos that we recommend checking out Betsoft games are:

Betsoft Gaming summary

Betsoft Gaming's claim to fame is its 3D graphics capabilities. All the company's slot games fall under the 3D animation category which, in and of itself, is a tremendous feat when you consider how much work goes into such animation. But Betsoft Gaming by no means rests on its 3D capabilities. All their games are solid and very playable; users are never sacrificing playability for amazing visuals.

Overall, we rank Betsoft Gaming pretty highly among game developers. For more than 10 years, they have proved they have what it takes to create games and platforms that customers want. Their technologies are helping to create the future of online gambling based on the latest technologies in design, networking, and gambling platforms.

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