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Every now and then a company will push the boat out when it comes to offering its customers a new game to play. Sure most releases by established slots companies will be your usual slot game, but on rare occasions you will find something released that offers players an opportunity to wager in a way that is very different to a standard slot.

That brings us neatly to Realtime Gaming, who have recently released two new games, one a standard slot and the other is something very different. This other game goes by the name Fish Catch and as the name suggests, the aim of the game is for you to capture as many of the denizens of the deep as you possibly can.

The first thing that you will notice is that there is no pretense that Fish Catch is anything like a slot game. There are no reels in site and the main similarity between Fish Catch and a slot is that you get to pick the size of your wager (which can range from 0.10 to 2.50) and the type of cannon you are going to use to catch fish and finally, you get to select which type of fish from those available, you want to try and catch.

The rest of the screen is taken up with the gaming area, which is where the fish, sharks and the occasional mermaid will swim across the screen. The cannon you select will determine the multiplier applied to your win, with the higher the multiplier the greater the value of each attempt you make on the game.

As you play, your account balance is shown in the side of the screen, as well as the value of each shot (or your ammunition) that you are using each turn. Each fish on screen has a specific amount attributable to it. Furthermore, the game also boasts two progressive jackpots, a minor and a major jackpot, that can be won entirely at random on any attempt of the game.

So armed with your cannon, your target fish, two progressive jackpot slots to aim for and your wagering amount per shot all set, you are now ready to play the game and the good news is that Fish Catch is one of the simplest arcade-style gambling games you could wish to play.

How to Play Fish Catch

On screen there are around 20 different species of fish, as well as some larger creatures of the depths such as a mermaid and a purple colored shark. Each fish has its own cash prize attributed to it and these are a variety of sizes, most of them smaller value wins, with the larger value prizes available on some fish.

The mermaid and the purple shark are slightly different as these are the highest value fish and if you are able to catch one of these using your cannon, then you can trigger an immediate cash jackpot prize equating to more than $2,000.

The aim of the game is then for the player to use their cannon to target the fish swimming across the screen. If you target a fish and miss, then you lose and you do not receive any winnings. Target the fish and manage to capture one, and you will win a cash prize.

There is absolutely no doubt that this game is very different to a standard slot game. Firstly, on Fish Slot, there is a lot of player interaction with the turn in terms of not just selecting the fish to target, the size of the cannon you would use and the size of your bet, but also in actually deciding on screen where to aim the cannon.

In many descriptions of the game. I have heard the term 'arcade game' used to describe what is happening on screen and while I can see where people are coming from with that, I actually feel it is more like a 'spot the ball' type game, where your click on screen will determine whether you catch the fish or not with your cannon.

What is certainly undeniable is that the simple click on screen to pick where to aim your cannon for each 'spin' or turn of the game, does make it more interactive and it is also good fun to play. As a player, you do feel you have more control over the outcome of your turn on the game, certainly more-so than you do on a slot game.

However, it would be wrong to suggest that Fish Catch is a game of skill, as there is still a massive amount of randomness built into the game, so any arcade whizz out there who thinks they'll be able to make a fortune from the game will be disappointed. However, if you love slot games and games of chance that are innovative and offer you some sizeable rewards alongside regular smaller value wins, then Fish Catch will certainly appeal.

Fish Catch Features

We've already mentioned that the purple shark and mermaid fish are the ones to try and target if you want to win a sizeable prize in the Fish Catch game, but there is also the progressive jackpots available in the game to try and win.

There are two progressive jackpots available to win, the smaller is the minor and the larger is the major and these are randomly awarded to players, entirely at random when they play the game. There is nothing you can do on screen to try and influence the award of a progressive, other than play the game more often.

The progressive jackpot sizes are not huge but they do increase with every spin you play and the good news is that if you are lucky enough to win on a spin and then trigger the progressive jackpot prize, then you will win both prizes.

Will Slot Players like Fish Catch?

The key question any company like Realtime Gaming will ask itself before releasing a game like Fish Catch is whether it will have appeal to slots players, as it is likely that these players will be the people that make up their target demographic for the game. At first glance, Fish Catch is nothing like a slot, but after playing it for a short time, you can see the similarities between the two and the simplicity of the game is certainly a positive for those slots players who just like to spin and not have to worry about anything else.

However, the fact you can then decide to increase the value of your cannon on each spin, as well as choosing which fish to target and where, does give the game a little added strategic edge and again, this is something that many slot players will like.

As such, I think Fish Catch will be one of the more popular games aimed at slot players to be released in recent times and the addition of the two progressive jackpot prizes will certainly give the game extra appeal.

Give it a try: Click here.

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