How do Slots Tournaments work at Miami Club and Red Stag casinos?

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Play Slots Tournaments!

If you are already familiar with slots tournaments and a member of an online casino that offers them, then you can skip directly to the part where we talk about the two most popular casinos and what they can offer you.

Of course we are talking about Miami Club and Red Stag casinos featuring a broad range of top slot games to enjoy from top providers such as WGS Technology and on top of that, you can play a selection of other popular casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, video poker, roulette and craps.

On both of these sites however, the eagle-eyed visitor will have noticed a section on the site main page labelled 'Tournaments' - click to view the current tournaments at Miami Club and Red Stag. Now while the notion of poker tournaments, and even blackjack tournaments, are pretty well known across the world, the idea that you could have multi-player tournaments for some other casino attractions, such as slots or video poker, seems a little unusual. After all, these are games that you tend to play solitary.

So just how do these tournaments at both casinos work? How does the casino ensure that they are fair and not biased towards players who may have more money to spend? What kinds of prizes do these tournaments offer and how much do they cost to participate in? When are they run and what type of tournaments are available on site?

In this article, we delve into the world of slots tournaments at both these casinos and take a look at exactly how they work.

What is a Slots Tournament?

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to many, slots are games that you tend to play alone after all, it is relatively simple to organize a slots tournament. These are events which pit any number of players together using the same rules, the same amount of money to spend on the same slot.

Players play the slot and at the end of the tournament, the players that have been the most successful in the game over the duration of the tournament will win a chunk of the prize pool, depending on where they finish in the standings.

The rankings at the end of the tournament will determine how large or small a share of the prize pool that you receive, or whether you miss out on a prize this time. Different tournaments can have different size prize pools available and pay out a different number of places in the tournament once it is completed.

But everyone spends different money on slots games, so how are the tournaments fair?

Now as you will be aware, one person's budget for slot game spending in a typical month will differ greatly from another. A high roller may think nothing of spending thousands on a slot game in a month, whereas a lower stakes player may spend just $5 or $10.

So, to level the playing field, slots tournaments at the two casinos operate in a similar way to a poker tournament in that players don't pay for their spins in the traditional sense and instead they 'buy in' to the tournament for a set fee.

For that fee, they receive a budget with which to play on the slot, say $100. Players are not charged for these spins (other than the buy in) as they would be in a standard slot game, their slot fees come off their tournament balance.. Once their balance has reached a set amount, the Rebuy Balance, they can then either choose to finish their entry into the tournament there by spending what remains of their cash, or they can 'rebuy' more balance for a set amount (usually the same fee as the original buy in) and play through this extra balance hoping to increase the amount they win and thus their position on the leader board.

Of course, the amount you win is not paid out to the player. The amount of 'money' won in your winnings balance is simply your score in the tournament and will determine where you finish in the once it has been completed.

The key thing to note is that players can enter each tournament once, so you can't have multiple entries into the same tournament. Players can however sometimes have a stated number of rebuys if they so wish, although there is no obligation for them to do so. Each tournament will have its own rules regarding rebuys.

One good thing about slots tournaments at both Red Stag and Miami Club casinos is that they are generally very cheap to enter, with the majority of tournaments offering a small buy in (usually between $3 and $5) and some are free to buy in and play in. Rebuy costs can differ and there is always a charge for a rebuy in a tournament, even those that offer a free buy in. Generally rebuy costs are the same as the buy in fee in the vast majority of tournaments.

What types of prizes are on offer in slots tournaments at Red Stag and Miami Club Casinos?

When it comes to prizes on offer for the tournaments, there are two different ways that prize money will be calculated for a tournament.

In the first type of tournament, prize money will be a set amount as decided by the casino. This is usually a simple number, such as $500, or $15,000, depending on the size and duration of the tournament and the number of players the casino expects to compete in it.

The other type of prize fund is that which is generated from the Buy Ins and Rebuys that players make to participate in the tournament. These prizes can be any amount of money and their size depends on the number of players entering the tournament and how much they spend on their buy in and rebuys once competing in it. The more players spending more cash, the greater the value of the prize pool. As such, the value of a prize pool in this tournament will increase as time progresses.

The number of prizes awarded in a tournament will also differ, in some tournaments, just the top three or five players may earn a pay out, in others, it can be considerably more players earn a share of the prize. You can always check how the prizes will be divided up in the tournament information that is displayed for each event when you click on it.

Are there other types of tournament you can play in?

It is important to note that while the majority of tournaments run every month are slots-based, there are some that are based on other casino games. Video Poker and Blackjack tournaments are also popular, due to these games popularity with players at both casinos.

However, it is possible for a casino to run a tournament on pretty much any game that the casino hosts, so this list is not exhaustive.

How do I join Miami Club or Red Stag Casino to play in these tournaments?

If you would like to join either of these casinos to play in any of the games, then their starter bonus offers are well worth a closer look.

At Miami Club Casino, you can claim up to $800 in bonuses across your first eight deposits on the site, with you being able to land a 100% Matched Deposit bonus on those first eight deposits of up to $100 each.

The offer is somewhat different at Red Stag Casino which offers a chance to claim up to a massive $2,500 in welcome bonuses, plus 500 bonus spins on a range of popular slot games at the casino. You can earn matched deposit bonuses of between 100% and 275% across your first seven deposits with the casino, as well as earning between 25 and 100 Spins across each of those first seven deposits too.

So if that sounds like a good deal, why not sign up today at Miami Club or at Red Stag Casino, and see if you can make your mark in either of the casino's popular slots tournaments?

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