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Bet on the IPL with BTC

The Indian Premier League cricket season is now underway and the eight teams are battling it out to try and earn a place through the league stage performance into the Playoffs. With so many games to be played over this period, this massively popular league attracts plenty of interest from sports betting enthusiasts and in particular those who enjoy a flutter using bitcoin.

In this article, we'll explain more about the IPL and bitcoin betting before giving you clear guidance on where you can get the best value bitcoin betting on the IPL online today. But let's begin first by explaining what the IPL actually is.

What is the Indian Premier League?

The Indian Premier League is a fantastic Twenty20 cricket league that is contested in India from March through to May each year. The first tournament was competed for in 2008 and each of the eight teams, each one representing a major city in India. By 2011, the number of franchises in the league had grown to ten but shortly after reverted back to eight teams.

The league has rules regarding players and a player auction is held each year allowing teams to spend a certain amount of designated money on attracting the top foreign and Indian players to their teams, such as Virat Kohli, Jos Buttler, Chris Gayle and Ben Stokes.

The current title holders are the Chennai Super Kings who won the title with a thumping 8 wicket win over Sunrisers Hyderabad in Mumbai last May. Along with the Mumbai Indians, they are the most successful teams in the tournaments history, each winning a total of three IPL titles.

It is the sixth most attended sports league in all of sports and the largest attended cricket league in the world today. It is also a hugely popular event for Indian and other punters to bet on.

Why bet with bitcoin?

If you want to bet online, a growing number of punters are discovering that betting with bitcoin makes perfect sense to them. Not only are a growing number of sports betting sites offering bitcoin betting nowadays, but there are other advantages to using bitcoin over more traditional forms of funding for your online betting.

The first and most apparent of these is security. Bitcoin is by far and away a much safer and secure option for online transactions of all kinds compared to using, say a bank transfer or credit or debit card payment as you do not have to enter in any personal details for the transaction. This keeps your key data safer from the more unsavory characters looking to engage in fraud and deception on the Internet.

Another positive for bitcoin is that you can bet smaller amounts of bitcoins nowadays (which is useful if you prefer smaller stakes betting) while some sites will still allow you to wager larger amounts of bitcoins if you are more of a higher roller.

One thing to remember with bitcoin though is that it is a volatile currency and the value of your investment in bitcoin can increase and decrease, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on the exchange rate to see how it is fluctuating over time to protect your bitcoin investment as best you can.

Why are the best odds important?

If you are relatively new to sports betting, then you will have noticed that all sites tend to make a big deal of offering the best odds on a given sporting event. That's because the better the odds a sports betting site offers, then the greater the potential return for a winning bet for a punter.

Punters love sites that offer the best odds on sporting events because they know that if their bet is a winner, they will win more money than they would have done with another site and that those small increases in wins can add up to a huge amount over time.

For example, if you bet once per week and on average your bet pays you a better return of say 0.01 bitcoin. Then over the course of the year, then that would mean you would earn 0.52 bitcoin more betting with one bookmaker over the other. That is a considerable amount of money and this illustrates perfectly why punters are always on the lookout for the best value odds and bookies are always trying to offer them.

Where offers the best odds for bitcoin betting for the IPL?

Given that the IPL is such a huge sporting event in India, it is easy to see why it has become one of the most important betting events for punters both in India and those outside it seeking to enjoy a wager on the outcome of the games. For punters that want to enjoy a little bitcoin betting action, then it is clear where the best value is.

That place is Cloudbet as thanks to their industry low margins, the company consistently offers better value odds on the IPL than any other comparable bitcoin sports book.

For example, for the recent Royal Challengers Bangalor Vs the Kolkata Knight Riders match on Friday 5th April 2019, Cloudbet's Margin for that game was just 0.16%, far less than other companies offering odds on the game.

The result of that is that Cloudbet offered the best odds on the outcome of the game.

Odds on Royal Challengers to win -

  • FortuneJack: 93/1 Fractional | 1.93 Decimal | -108 American
  • 1xbit: 98/1 Fractional | 1.98 Decimal | -102 American
  • 1/1 Fractional | 2 Decimal | 100 American
  • 06 - Nitrogen: 1.06/1 Fractional | 2.06 Decimal | 106 American
  • Cloudbet: 1.08/1 Fractional | 2.08 Decimal | 108 American

Odds on Knight Riders to win -

  • 1xbit: 0.75/1 Fractional | 1.75 Decimal | -133 American
  • FortuneJack: 0.78/1 Fractional | 1.78 Decimal | -128 American
  • Nitrogen: 0.84/1 Fractional | 1.84 Decimal | -119 American
  • 0.85/1 Fractional | 1.85 Decimal | -118 American
  • Cloudbet: 0.92/1 Fractional | 1.92 Decimal | -109 American

The upshot of this is regardless of whether you bet on Royal Challengers or the Kolkata Knight Riders, if you backed either of them with Cloudbet then you would have won more money than with any other Bitcoin bookmaker.

The differences between winning amounts may seem small but if you add up those increases in returns over the course of a week, a month or a year then it is clear that you stand a better chance of winning considerably more with Cloudbet when betting on the IPL than you would with other bitcoin bookmaking sites.

Cloudbet new player promotion

If that sounds like a deal that is too good to miss, then Cloudbet offers a fantastic starter bonus for new customers. Sign up with the company and you will receive a 100% Deposit Match bonus, which could be worth up to a maximum of 5 BTC. The bonus starts with a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC and you earn your bonus when placing bets at the site to unlock the bonus.

It's a fantastic incentive to sign up and of course, you can use your Bitcoin starter bonus to enjoy additional betting on the Cloudbet site, at no extra cost to you. The company also gives you a generous 365 days in which to fully earn your bonus, a real positive if you intend to try and maximise the benefits of the bonus over the course of the year.

So, if you are a fan of the IPL and bitcoin betting and want a safe site that offers not just great value odds on all the games, but a wide range of other markets and an outstanding starter bonus, then Cloudbet is the site for you!

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