Kasey lands a double big money slot prize at Miami Club Casino

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For most slot players, the chance to win a massive amount of money from a single spin of the reels is a lifetimes dream or ambition. For a small percentage of those players, those dreams become a reality and for an even tinier fraction, big wins come along more than once in a lifetime.

Those wins however are often many years apart, such as the famous case of Elmer Sherwin, the famous two-times winner of the Megabucks Jackpot who won the top prize initially back in 1989 for a $4.6m prize and then earned a $21.1m win in 2005.

Well at the popular Miami Club Casino, one such player has enjoyed herself a great deal of late. Registering two big wins not in the space of years, but within a much shorter time period. That lucky player is called Kasey R and her story begins when she signed up at the casino around 12 months ago.

"I've been enjoying playing at Miami Club Casino for about a year now." Kasey revealed.

"The games are really fun and the bonuses and support are really great."

On August 28th this year, Kasey decided that she would try her hand at some smaller stakes gaming on the new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot game at her favourite casino and before we continue with this story, we must explain how this exciting new slot game works.

In the Ultimate 10X three-reel slot, the game has a progressive jackpot which increases with every real money spin taken on the game. However, unlike other progressive jackpot games, this jackpot has a built in limit of $25,000.

The jackpot can be won on any spin at any time by any player playing the game, but what makes this progressive game special is that unlike other games like MegaMoolah.com, where the progressive jackpot can grow indefinitely, on the Ultimate 10X three-reel slot, the jackpot is guaranteed to be triggered before the jackpot reaches $25,000.

The fact that the progressive jackpot has to be won before a stated amount of money is reached of course makes this a hugely popular slot fans who want to chase the jackpot prize and that is precisely what Kasey R was doing in the evening of the 28th August.

With a balance of $38 and wagering three coins worth $0.25 apiece, Kasey spun the reels and received the message that every slot player playing that game would love to receive. She had triggered the Progressive Jackpot as it stood and from her wager of just $0.75 in total, she had won an incredible $10,260.

As Kasey herself revealed, she is not a particularly big spender when it comes to gambling so this win really was a complete shock out of the blue.

"I wouldn't consider myself a high roller," she said following her win "I just play for fun; I don't like to take too many risks with my bets"

After landing that scorching jackpot on the Ultimate 10X three-reel slot Kasey decided that she would try her hand at something else and after setting aside a little extra cash from her big win, she decided she would give the new Triple Triple Gold slot a try.

This is a slot from WGS gaming which is another 3-reel slot where players can wager one, two or three coins on each spin, however the greater prizes are available only if you wager the higher number of coins.  This isn't a progressive jackpot slot, but instead it offers a huge jackpot of 5,000 coins for every coin you wager, wager three on a spin and land three Triple Winds on the payline and you earn the 15,000 coin jackpot.

Of course, there are other ways to land some big value wins on this slot and one is to land a higher paying symbol with two Wilds, which then offers you a fantastic 81x multiplier on your standard win.

It is this second method of winning which Kasey would discover a whole lot more about. Playing this new slot she decided to play with a coin bet size of $2.00 with the proceeds of her initial win and she wagered three coins per spin for a total bet of $6.00.

Incredibly, as Kasey spun the reels she watched as a Triple Bar symbol landed in the first column followed by two of the in game Wild symbols. Triggering a huge win of 81x the standard win size for this bet.

In monetary terms, that meant just a short time after turning a $0.75 bet into a $10,260 fortune, Kasey was once again celebrating as she turned her $6 wager into a staggering $19,440 win.

That represents a total win of $29,700, for a total stake on the two winning spins of $6.75. In other words, Kasey had won an amount 4,400 times the value of her bet.

Perhaps the funniest aspect of this story is that following her second big win in this incredibly short amount of time, Kasey was asked how she was planning to enjoy her winning streak by the casino bosses who were probably delighted to hear her state:

"You keep paying, I'll keep playing!"

The great news is that if you are a customer at the Miami Club Casino, then you too can enjoy both the slots that Kasey R enjoyed her incredible run of success on. Not only that, but the casino offers a fantastic choice of 130 different slot games, plus a host of table games, video poker and even tournaments you can participate in to win daily cash prizes.

The site offers a choice of 3, 5 and 7 reel slot games including a number of progressive jackpot slots, as well as a wide selection of card games and video poker, including single and multiple hand options.

Best of all, if you are not yet a customer, you can sign up today and receive a 100 percent deposit bonus when you do to get you started. Who knows, perhaps this additional bonus cash could be the key to unlocking your big win at Miami Club Casino, just like Kasey R!

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