The new MySlots Rewards Program reviewed

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Start Earning Rewards!

When you join a top-quality casino or slots site, one of the most appealing aspects of doing so is the promise of a rather sizeable bonus when you sign up. However, on many sites, those benefits can quickly dry up once you become a regular player on the site.

As many customers have pointed out over the years, this isn't really fair on those loyal, longer-serving customers who support a casino by playing games on the site regularly but who may not qualify for an offer once the starter bonus has been completed. Indeed, without any extra incentive to stay, what is the point of staying loyal to one casino, if you can join another and receive another starter bonus for doing so?

It didn't take long for the more astute casinos to figure out that neglecting longer serving players in this way was having a detrimental effect on retaining players custom, which is why sites are now developing a number of different ways to reward longer-serving players.

That can come in the form of ad hoc promotions and offers, but a better option is to ensure players get rewarded the more they play on the site in the form of a loyalty bonus scheme. Slots.LV is the latest establishment to do precisely that with the release of its MySlots Rewards Program recently.

What is the Myslots Rewards Program?

  • Reward Points

With the Myslots Rewards Program at Slots.LV, for every casino game you play for real money, you will earn Rewards points. Over time you can collect these Reward Points into larger amounts which can then be redeemed for a selection of cash bonuses at any time.

You can earn Rewards Points playing any of the available Slots, Table Games, Video Poker or Specialty Games available on the Slots.LV site. Your points total is updated after each casino wager you make on the site ensuring your points are immediately available.

  • Tier Points

Alongside Reward Points, players will also earn Tier Points. These are awarded at the same rate as the Reward Points but cannot be redeemed for cash bonuses. Instead, Tier Points are used to track your progress up and down the eight separate levels of the MySlots Rewards Program. As you progress through the Program and move up the tiers, you will unlock a number of greater value bonuses and other benefits.

What are the eight MySlots Rewards Program Tiers?

There are a total of eight different tiers on the MySlots Rewards Program and as you progress through the tiers so the value of Redemption Rate improves, as does the size of the Cashback Bonus you may be eligible to receive. We will explain more about the Cashback Bonus after we have looked at the eight tiers of the program.



Points Required

Redemption Rate

Cash Back Bonus


Cherry Boom


2,500 per $1



Candy Warp


2,250 per $1



Triple Charms

10,000 - 59,999

2,000 per $1



Wild Jacks

60,000 - 149,999

1,750 per $1



Dollar Rush

150,000 - 499,999

1,500 per $1



Lightning Blitz

500,000 - 999,999

1,250 per $1



Gold Frenzy

1,000,000 - 2,499,999

1,100 per $1



Diamond Flurry


1,000 per $1


One of the most pleasing aspects of the MySlots Rewards Program is that once you reach a Level, then you have that Level for life. This means you cannot drop back down the Levels if your spending decreases a little in the future.

This is a big positive as on many Reward Schemes, players may need to maintain their current spending levels to retain their status in the scheme. That places a greater burden on the player in the long term to spend the same amount of money each week and month. With the MySlots Reward Program, that burden is not evident as once a level is achieved, a player will keep it for as long as they are a member of the program.

The great thing with the MySlots Rewards program is that you can redeem your points at any time (although they expire if they are not redeemed within 12 months of being awarded). That means you can work your way through the different levels until you reach a point where you get a better value Redemption Rate for your points.

What is the Cashback Bonus?

Each day, Slots.LV will check the accounts of all its players at midnight and if your balance is below $10, not including any money in play, then the site will check whether you are eligible for a Cash Back Bonus.

The site looks at the period from when either you joined the site, or when you last received a Cashback Bonus from the site and will then calculate whether you are eligible for a bonus.

The calculation is the total number of deposits made minus your total withdrawals and then minus your current balance. If this number is a positive amount, then the casino determines that you have suffered a loss and that you are now eligible for the Cash Back Bonus.

How the Cashback Bonus works

Let's say you have deposited $1,000 into your account since your last Cash Back bonus and you have made a $400 withdrawal and your account balance is now $5. $1000 - $400 - $5 is $595 which means you have made a loss and are therefore eligible for the Cash Back Bonus.

What that bonus will be depends on your Level in the Rewards scheme. If you are at Level 1 for example, you would receive a 5% Cashback bonus ($29.75), whereas if you were at Level 5, you would receive a 10% Cashback bonus ($59.50). If you had reached the maximum Level 8, you would receive back a 15% Cashback bonus ($89.25).

What rate do I earn my Rewards Points at?

The number of Rewards Points (and Tier Points) you earn depends on the type of game that you play at Slots.LV.

The new MySlots Rewards Program offers loyal customers the chance to earn a wide number of different bonuses that they can access at a time they choose on the site. With the Cash Back Bonus available each day, as well as the chance to build greater rewards by playing more often on the site and moving through the levels, this is a fantastic way to earn yourself some bonus cash to spend at one of the most popular online casinos.

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