Which is better; playing at an online casino or at a land-based one?

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How often have you heard it said in any discussion about the merits of online gambling compared to playing at a casino or similar, that online gambling is great, but it isn't quite the same as playing in a real world setting.

Generally, when a person makes this remark, they are hinting that for all the positives that there are regarding online gambling, there is something special about playing at a real world casino that somehow makes it a better experience.

Yet if that were the case, why is online gambling still one of the fastest growing industries in the world today? Why are real world casinos struggling to compete against their online competitors when it comes to offering an individual a rounded gambling experience?

Of course, many people explain this seemingly paradoxical situation away by claiming it is the convenience of online gambling that makes it so easy for online casinos to attract customers to play while their real world contemporaries struggle. That is certainly the case, but what exactly do we mean by the term 'convenience'?

In truth, that term covers a huge amount of things and also, it does not cover some of the other very real reasons why online gambling is such a draw compared to playing in the real world.

So in this article, we are going to examine what some of the most convenient and persuasive arguments are for playing online as opposed to playing in the real world, all of which we feel play a key role in allowing online casinos to be the dominant forces in the gambling industry today.

1. Cost

So how can cost be a positive for online gambling compared to the real world? Well first of all, let's assume that person A has $100 to spend on a night out at a casino and person B has $100 to spend at an online casino.

Now it is not unreasonable to assume that to spend an evening at a casino, Person A will want a few drinks and perhaps a bite to eat while out. They may also require transportation to and from the casino, especially if they are going to enjoy a drink.

All this eats into their $100 casino money which means that they actually spend less on their gaming than they would initially realise.

However, player B can simply fire up their laptop, mobile device or similar and load up the casino, deposit $100 and play through $100. Therefore, the online casino option means that this player gets considerably more bang for their cash.

Even if you assume that the player wants a drink and perhaps a pizza to enjoy while gaming, the cost of ordering a pizza for pickup and buying drinks at the bottle shop is much cheaper than buying drinks in bars or from a pizza restaurant on a night out, so they would still be spending more on their gaming and less on other assorted sundry items that are part and parcel of a night out at the casino.

2. Attire

So you want to go to the casino, so you know that certain standards are expected to be upheld at a casino establishment. You can't walk into a casino in your pajamas, or in a vest and your underpants and expect to stay there too long before the management ask you to leave and return when you are more suitably attired. Neither can you smoke in any land-based casino these days, but smoking at home is (still) allowed.

At home though, it is your house, so it is your rules. You can log into an online casino wearing anything and from anywhere; the kitchen, backyard, living room, and so on.

You can wear what you like, whatever time of the day it is and there's no need for a fresh shower, change of clothes or, for the ladies, a splash of make up to enjoy a few spins on the slots. Just load up the online casino and you can play exactly as you are.

3. Freedom

Linked in to the notion of what clothes you can wear when you play online as opposed to playing at a casino is the whole notion of freedom and the fact that at your home, you can do what you like when you play.

If you are looking after the children, then you can play online whereas you can't drag the children to the local casino with you while you while away a few hours in the evening playing blackjack.

If you are a smoker, you can enjoy a cigarette or similar while playing at home, whereas at a local casino you cannot. Similarly, you can call up a friend on your phone while playing online and chat to them, while doing the same at a casino while at the poker or blackjack tables isn't the greatest etiquette.

4. Bonuses for Low Rollers

Perhaps one of the biggest and most important factors when assessing the value of online gambling compared to real world gaming is the fact that in the real world, the top casinos are only really interested in offering the really big spending players (known in casino parlance as 'whales') the best possible deals and offers.

If you are spending $20 on the 10c slots, then you are not going to be offered a fantastic deal to play at the casino. However if you ship into town with a million in your pocket, then the casino will offer you their best suite, free drinks and food, and a butler who will looks after all of your whims.

In the online world, it is very different. Here, the "little guy" is king or queen and can receive a number of different types of bonuses depending on what casino they opt to sign up to. This can come in the form of bonus cash when they make a first deposit, which in turn gives them greater spending power. It may also come in the form of free spins or similar bonuses for slot fans.

In the real world, the smaller player is ignored, in the online gambling industry, the smaller player is its lifeblood and there are many more offers and bonuses available for players than you'll find in the real world.

Seriously, walk into your local casino and ask for a 200% Match Bonus! It's just not going happen.

5. Availability

In some parts of the world, casinos are open 24-hours, but some establishments are only open for set times. You may be restricted to wagering at these casino between these times.

That is okay if you have a regular job with regular hours and have evenings free to wager. However many people now work shifts and instead of having evenings free, may have mornings, or afternoons free. They cannot attend a casino when it isn't open.

Once again, online casinos have the answer being open 7 days a week, 365 days a year ensuring that when any individual wants to play, they can.

Best of all, you don't need to spend the family inheritance to be awarded with freebies and free cash bonuses!

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