A 'free spin' is a spin of the slot machines reels, for free. When playing a slot machine you may get certain symbols across the reels that activate a free spins feature. This can be 10 free spins or more and some games have re-triggering free spins within free spins. It's possible to get tens of continuous free spins. In free spins your winnings are multiplied by at least two times but often 20 times or even more. All casino players love free spins because it is the feature where a lot of money can be won and it's not possible to lose anything during a Free Spins round.

The first slot machine was invented by German-born instrument maker and car mechanic Charles Fey. In San Francisco in 1895 he built the Liberty Bell slot machine, which had three reels and four symbols per reel. The game was an instant hit and within a year Fey started a company called the Slot Machine Factory. It was a fast growing industry up until prohibition in the early 1900's when anti-gambling campaigners managed to get the machines banned throughout California in 1911. As a result many now-antique slot machines were smashed with hammers, burned or dumped to the sea. On the other side of the American continent hundreds of slot machines were stacked on barges and dumped to the bottom of the Atlantic.

The video slot machine is a more recent innovation. In the 1970's in Las Vegas, Walt Fraley created the first non-mechanical on-screen video slot called the Fortune Coin. The game was not received well by casino players as they could not see the spinning of the mechanical reels. It was not till the 1980's when the electronic slots technology became more acceptable thanks for the invention of the video poker machine called Draw Poker, which was a smash hit.

A Wild symbol is considered a special symbol because it can reward the player with additional wins, take the place of other symbols in the game or trigger a special game feature.

The main role of the Wild symbol is to substitute for other symbols in the game to complete a winning pay line combination. In some games the Wild symbol only takes the place of regular symbols; meaning Scatters and Bonus symbols are exempt from this rule. However, there are slot games where the Wild symbol can substitute for Scatters and Bonus symbols too. While in others the Wild symbol can be used to trigger either the Bonus feature or Free Spins feature.

Nowadays, you can find Wild symbols in most slot games with added features like expanding Wilds that expand to cover the entire reel or cascading Wilds that increase in value with consecutive wins.

Sometimes a Wild symbol may come with a Wild Multiplier. In this form it takes on 2 roles: substituting for regular symbols (except the Scatter or Bonus) and multiplying the win with a set value. Common Wild Multipliers double, triple, quadruple and so on when one or two Wild Multipliers appear in a winning pay line.

No matter what type of Wild symbol that appears in a slot game expect it to bring in big rewards.

Much like Wild symbols, Scatters are special symbols because they have more than one function in a slot game. The Scatter is the only symbol in a slot game that cannot be substituted by the Wild symbol. Besides awarding wins, Scatters can act as Multipliers by doubling, tripling or quadrupling wins. And unlike regular symbols that reward wins when they appear left to right consecutively, Scatters can reward wins wherever they appear on the reels.

They can also be used to trigger the Free Spins and/or the Bonus features in a slot game. In some games the appearance of 3 or more Scatter symbols can re-trigger the Free Spins feature.

The Gamble feature can be activated after a win. A Gamble button will appear somewhere on the game screen after the win is awarded. The player has the option to gamble their win and enter the feature or collect their winnings.

There are two types of Gamble features common in slot games. The first type doubles wins and the second type doubles or quadruples the player's winnings.

In both Gamble features the player is presented with a card facing down. In the first type, the player must correctly guess the card colour (Black or Red) of the card facing down to double their winnings.

The second type allows the player to either guess the card colour to double their wins or correctly guess the card suit (Diamonds, Clubs, Spades or Hearts) to quadruple it. Most slot games set a Gamble limit and the player can gamble their winnings until the gamble limit is met or the player incorrectly guesses the colour or suit of the card facing down.

How progressive slot machines work is that very small seed from each bet played on the machine is added to the community jackpot. That means that for every bet made or round played the jackpot grows until the jackpot is hit. When the jackpot is hit the jackpot amount is reverted to a default or minimum amount and the cycle starts all over again.

Slot games like the MegaMoolah.com are linked to a progressive jackpot network where thousands of players are playing the game at any given time. Therefore the jackpot amount grows much faster and bigger in a short amount of time.

Classic slots or traditional slot games in general have three reels and one or multiple pay lines. It may or may not contain additional symbols which offer more winning chances. But usually classic slots machines are very basic - the way the used to be before the computer and video age. Many players love the classic game style as it may bring back memories or it may just be that keeping it simple is the best!

Most classic slot games feature fruit symbols like lemons, cherries, grapes, BARs, bells and 7s, and so on. In the UK these games are often called "fruit machines", which are quite popular in pubs throughout the country.

A pokie, or pokies, is shortened for poker machines. It is called pokie, pokies, pokie machine or pokies machine, or even pokies machines. Generally-speaking the "pokie" is a slang term used mainly in Australia and New Zealand for slots.

The slot machine has many names depending where you live. In the UK the slot machine is called a fruit machine because of the colourful fruit symbols. In America the game is called slots, or slot machine, but sometimes it is also referred to as an one-armed bandit. The name one-armed bandit came about because of the lever that had to be pulled to spin the reels.

Pay lines, or paylines, are lines on which symbols must appear in succession or in the correct combination in order for the player to win a reward.

Each slot game is different when it comes to pay lines and vary from one slot game to the next. Classic 3-reel slots may have one or three horizontal pay lines while video slots can have five, fifty or a hundred pay lines that are horizontal, diagonal or zigzagging across reels.

In a slots game the player can choose to play just a few pay lines or all. However, some progressive slots will require the player to play all pay lines in order to vie for the jackpot prize.

These types of slot games have become more and more popular with slot aficionados in recent years. In a sense, 243 Ways to Win slot games do not rely on the traditional pay lines. These games pay any winning combination from left to right regardless of where they appear on reels.

How this works is that as long as a winning combination lands on any position on the first three reels it becomes a "pay line" and rewards a pay out.

Some of the most popular slots today are 243 Ways to Win games.

Random Number Generator or RNG is an integral part of modern slots. In fact without RNG, modern slot machines would not even be possible. An RNG generates a sequence of numbers that do not have any pattern.

But how do they work? In simple terms RNGs use an algorithm to generate numbers continuously even if the machine is not being played. These generate numbers from zero to more than a billion at an incredibly fast rate per second. This means that each result depends on when the game is played. A millisecond more and the result would be different than it would be a millisecond less.

A common myth about slots is that some people can "tell" when a slot game is about to hit the jackpot. And there are certainly plenty of so-called gurus that have created slot strategies. The truth is, with more complex RNGs in place, it is impossible to determine when a jackpot might hit.

In order for a casino, or gaming developer, to operate they have to undergo strict and thorough testing, auditing and certification for the RNGs that they use in their games. The testing is done by independent labs and agencies to make sure that the program functions as it should.

The Payout Percentage, also known as Theoretical Payout Percentage or Payback Percentage is the percentage that the casino of house pays as winnings to players.

It is also called an RTP or 'Return to Player'. Most slot games have a payout percentage of 82% to 100% depending on the jurisdiction. While the Hold Percentage is the amount of money the house or casino can profit in the long run.

For example a slot game has a Payout Percentage of 98%; the remaining 2% is the Hold Percentage. For example, a slot game has a Payout Percentage of 97%; it should pay out $97.00 for every $100 that is staked in the long run. However, that doesn't mean that if a player bets $100 that he or she gets back the $97 dollars.

A common myth is that a player will win more on a slot game with a higher Payout Percentage than one with a lower Payout Percentage. This is not true as Payout Percentages do not determine probability.

The next logical question players might have is if this information is available to the public. Some casinos offer players this information and even advertise their high Payout Percentage whilst others do not.

Another important information that players must know is that a casino or game developer cannot change their Payout Percentage as they choose. If the casino does decide to lower or increase their Payout Percentage they must apply and get approved for the change. Then independent lab tests are done to make sure that it pays out at the right percentage.

Things to look for at an online casino is the eCOGRA Seal of Approval, where the casino is licensed (E.U. is best as it means the casino is audited for fair gaming), and what software powers the games. The online casinos don't make their own games. Instead they license the games from a software provider. So it's not possible for an E.U. regulated and licensed online casino that uses proper casino gaming software to manipulate the games in any way. So in that sense online slots are just as fair as slots at the pub, or at your local casino. The only thing you need to consider is will the online casino honour my winnings? If you stick with the E.U. licensed and regulated casinos you will be just fine. It does not mean you have to be an E.U. national, or live in Europe - everyone can enjoy those online casinos and the same security and fairness.

Most big jackpot winners are long-term players. It's not often that a first-timer can win a huge jackpot, mostly because they don't know what to look for. My tip is always to jump straight into the slots and set a budget. Free slots are fun but the jackpot slot is the one that can change your life! So first allocate an amount for your jackpot game and stick to it for at least a while. If on the other hand you want to be entertained then the casino will have other interactive slot machines that have a storyline and/or off-the-screen bonus games and much more.

It's perfectly safe to play online slots at licensed online casinos. What you need to foremost consider is how to make a deposit to the casino. Some players don't have a problem giving their credit card details online but some do. And luckily there are several options to deposit safely. One is using eWallet type of services (such as Neteller and Skrill) where you deposit money into a wallet and then from there transfer to your favourite casino. Another method growing in popularity rapidly is using Bitcoin, which allows near instant transfers. Visit Coinbet.com for more information on bitcoin casinos.

To play slots is essentially to play a game of chance. The reels spin when you push the button or pull the lever and stop at random. You have no control over when the reels stop spinning, and there is virtually no strategy involved in playing the game. Of course, this simplicity and the chance that you are just as able to hit a jackpot as you are to lose is what makes slots so popular.

Any of the no-download online slots games on this site allows you to play slots either for free or for real cash inside your browser window. This is also a great way to try out different games before you decide to download the casino software onto your computer. No-download games are a great way to enjoy slots whether you are playing for free or real money.

There is a certain type of slots that delivers higher jackpots and more wins than other slots - this type of game is the progressive slot, or better known as the jackpot slot. There are numerous online progressive slots around, many of which that have developed a cult following such as the MegaMoolah.com game, a.k.a The Millionaire Maker.

Yes, there are several no deposit required free spins offers available on this website. These type of free spins require that you download the casino and then register. Once you have registered and logged in, the free spins will be in your account. You simply let the game play the free rounds and whatever you win, you also get to keep.

Often free cash mobile offers are limited to registration bonuses. This is a bonus that the mobile casino will give you as a thanks for registering and trying out the casino. Currently there are several available - simply visit this mobile-optimised website on your mobile device.

The term "Coins" are used in online slots to describe the wager you place on the spin of the wheel. Coins can be made up of any form of currency depending where in the world you are based and what currency your account is funded in. In the UK, this will be GB Pounds, in Canada, the "loonie" and so on. By using coins as their currency, this allows slot machines to accept players from all over the world. A coin therefore can have a different value to the player depending on what currency their account is funded in. For example, a player playing one coin at 1 British Pound per spin, is paying slightly more in real terms than a player from Australia playing 1 Australian dollar per spin. However, due to the fact the machine pays out winnings in coins, this ensures that all payouts are fair and proportionate regardless of which currency you are using.

No. Many people may claim to have hit a 'foolproof' system for winning on slots, but the simple fact that modern slots are controlled by a random number generator, means that it is not possible to develop an accurate, replicable system for winning. Winning on slots is down simply to having a slice of good fortune when you place your wager and hit the spin button. Beyond that and deciding on the size of your wager, there is nothing you can control.

This is one of the most enduring myths about slots. Many people will claim that because a slot has not paid out a jackpot for a while that it is "ready to go", while if a slot has paid out recently, people will claim that the machine will not pay out another jackpot for a considerable amount of time. This is a complete myth. A slot can pay out a jackpot once every 12 months, or twice in two spins. It is an entirely random process. A great example of this is from the MegaMoolah.com progressive jackpot game which went six months from December 2013 to June 2014 before someone won the jackpot, however in May 2013, the jackpot was won twice within five days on 5th May and 10th May. Jackpots can be won at any time, regardless of how long it has been since the last jackpot was triggered.

This is a good question and the truthful answer is that it depends where you play your land-based slot machine. In busy gaming centres, such as Las Vegas, Macau or similar, slots in these casinos and establishments will offer payouts similar to those you'd find in a typical online slots (usually between 93 and 97 percent). However, in places such as airports, pubs or service stations, the payout on these land based machines can be as little as 75 percent. Therefore, you'll win a lot more often playing slots online, compared to at the pub, airport, shopping centre, etc.

Slots are controlled by a random number generator and as such, they are subject to the vagaries of randomness. There will be time when a machine appears to pay out more often, and when the same machine appears to pay out less. This does happen, but it is not a conscious decision. It is simply that the machine has picked more winning random selections, than losing, or vice versa, over a stated period of time. There is no way a player can control this and there is no pattern you can identify to help you decide when or not to play a machine. You are as likely to win or lose on your next spin regardless of how many winning or losing combinations you have had previously.

Typically, the house edge on slots games can range from anywhere between 1 and 25 percent. In terms of online slots however, most tend to have a house edge of between 2 and 7 percent, which equates to a payout percentage of between 93 to 98 percent.

Most professional gamblers steer well clear of slots for the simple reason that it is a 100 percent game of chance with no strategic element. As such, a professional gambler cannot do anything to improve their chances of success. This is why games that involve a certain strategy, such as baccarat, blackjack or poker, tend to be the games professional gamblers will elect to play for profit, rather than online slots.

This is an interesting question and the truthful answer is, it depends on which slot machine you play. Statisticians and slots probability experts have discovered that there is a small advantage to playing some slots at the maximum bet each time, however this is by no means the case across all slots. In general, most slot players agree betting the maximum, if affordable, is generally the wisest move on any slot you play, though it does not guarantee you will win more often, but simply that when you do win, you'll win a larger amount of coins on the slot you are playing.

A 'high volatility' slot is a game which usually offers a larger jackpot, usually a progressive, but as a result does not pay out the smaller prizes as often. This means that you can play and win a large amount of money, or play frequently and win very little or nothing at all. A 'low volatility' slot is one that tends to offer a smaller jackpot, but which pays out on the smaller winning combinations a lot more often. These are slots where players win smaller amounts frequently, but which tend to offer a much smaller jackpot prize.

It is not that slots machines are addictive, but rather that the person using them has the kind of personality or addiction problem which makes slots (and other forms of gambling) addictive. If you sensibly control your spending on all forms of gambling, budget effectively and bet only what you can afford to lose, then slots machines are no more addictive than any other form of gambling.

The improvement in mobile technology in recent times has meant that there is now very little difference at all in terms of playing experience for the user when playing a slot via a PC or via a smartphone or tablet. In many cases, the software used for PCs and mobile devices is essentially the same. There is certainly no evidence that playing via a PC makes you win more or less often than via a mobile. The only difference is that playing via mobile now gives players the chance to indulge themselves in their favourite slots in many more places than was possible previously.

In truth, there is no one device that is markedly better than the other in terms of playing slots via mobile. However, most casinos tend to offer support for the most popular devices and at the present time, this tends to mean iOS (Apple) devices (such as the iPhone, iPad and occasionally the iPod Touch) as well as the vast number of different Android Smartphones and Tablets available today (such as the popular Samsung Galaxy series of devices).

The days when unscrupulous individuals would release rigged games onto the Internet have now long gone. Nowadays, all reputable casinos will only offer slots that have been tested and certified as safe and fair to play for users, having been checked on millions of spins. Certification by eCogra is always a good thing to look for on any slot if you are unsure. Slots machines are not rigged to ensure you lose, but they are set up to ensure that the casino enjoys a slight house edge, which is an entirely different thing and perfectly legal.

A multiplier is a bonus that can be unlocked on a slot machine whereby any winnings on that spin (or all spins if the multiplier is triggered during a Free Spins bonus round) are increased by a stated amount. This is usually anything from 1x up to 10x your win depending on the size of the multiplier triggered, or how often you have hit the combination to trigger the multiplier.

One of the new problems facing some slots players playing via mobile, especially when on Wifi or an 3G, 4G,  connection, is what happens if during a spin of the reel, they lose their connection. Well, given that the random number generator will generate a combination within a fraction of a second of you clicking the spin button, what will happen is that your combination will be shown, however, you need to log back into the game in order to see it when you have a connection. The good news is, if your spin was a winner, any winnings owed to you will be paid to your account automatically and if you trigger a bonus game or free spins, when you log back in, you should be able to continue your game at this point.

Hypothetically it is, but in reality it is not a realistic prospect. Slots do not offer any strategic element which players can use to help them win at the games more often. Professional gamblers only tend to focus on games where skill and strategy can be used to give them an advantage over other players or the casino. Slots should really be played for fun and enjoyment and should not for the basis of any potential career move.

Although the name Mega Moolah is often used to describe the huge jackpot available on the game, what is less well known is that it is not just the Mega Moolah slot which pays into this jackpot fund. There are other themes in addition to the original Wild Africa theme.

Yes you can and there are two ways you can do this. Firstly, many sites offer free-play versions of their games to players to trial using pretend cash. However, if you want to play for free and win real money then you need to sign up for a new player free spins bonus. Any of the several available here are a great starting place to begin. These are true free spins, use them and whatever you win, you keep.

Yes. The free to play mode of a slot is exactly the same game as the real cash version. The only difference is that in free to play, you are using pretend cash to play. There is no 'tightening up' of the payout system for the slot when real cash is involved. The version you play when playing for pretend cash is exactly the same as you'll play for real cash.

It is worth double checking with the particular game you are playing but in games like MegaMoolah.com, the huge jackpot wins (often running into many millions of dollars) are all paid out to the winner in a single lump payment.