Misfit Toyland

Misfit Toyland

  • Casino: Slots Capital
  • Category: Free Bonus
  • Title: Misfit Toyland
  • Type: 5x3 Reels, 30 Pay Lines, Any-Way-Wins, Expanding Wilds, Sticky Wilds, and Sinking Wilds during Free Spins, and Multipliers.
  • Genre: Christmas
  • Bonus: 300% Matched Bonus
  • Software: Rival Gaming
  • Summary: Head off to the land where the unwanted toys go to be found new homes, Misfit Toyland, the fantastic new 243 Ways to Win Christmas-themed slot from Rival Gaming. See more details for some exciting bonus offers.
  • Not Available In: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Guam, Estonia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, U.S. Virgin Islands. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
  • Not Available in U.S. states: Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Washington. Residents from all other states are welcome to play.
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  • Misfit Toyland

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Have you ever wondered what happens to those older toys that don't quite come up to scratch? The toy soldier with one leg slightly shorter than the other? The doll with the arm that keeps falling off, or the stuffed unicorn that has lost its tail? As kids play with toys, they invariably get broken and in time, they disappear.

Where do they head? Well in this exciting new slot from Rival Gaming, their final destination is revealed as Misfit Toyland, a home for toys that are no longer played with by their previous owners but where, on Christmas Eve, Santa and his Elves will visit with the aim of finding these forgotten toys new owners that will cherish them as their previous owners once did.

Admittedly, the premise is all a bit Disney saccharine-sweet for me, but if you are an old romantic at heart (and who doesn't enjoy a heart-warming story at Christmas time) then you'll find a lot to like in the Misfit Toyland backstory alone.

So how does the rest of the slot shape up? Let's take a closer look.


  • Game: Misfit Toyland
  • Developer: Rival Gaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 243 Ways to Win
  • Minimum Bet: $0.30
  • Maximum Bet: $75.00
  • Jackpot: 40,000 coins
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: No
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: Medium

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The graphics on the Misfit Toyland slot are excellent. There are now clearly defined reels per se, but the symbols all occupy the positions they would if a reel set was visible. Instead the slot is played against a backdrop of Christmas trees in a snowy setting and there is a very cheery, Christmas-themed tune playing in the background which accompanies the spins very nicely.

The sound effects of the slot are good too when you land different wins and trigger different animations and what animations there are are very smooth and fit seamlessly into the game-play. The Pay Table is clearly displayed at the top of the screen with the main controls and selection buttons, including an Auto Play feature at the foot of the reels. All in all, Rival have got the presentation for this slot absolutely bang on the money.

What's on the reels?

On the reels as the lower value wins are six playing card symbols which go from the nine through to the ace and these offer wins ranging from 2 coins up to 77 coins. You do need to land five of these symbols across the reels to give yourself a chance of a profit on a spin however and even then, five of the 9 or 10 symbols will not offer you a profit.

Higher value symbols are seven different misfit toys and they are a raggy doll missing a shoe, a man riding a pig, A toy soldier, a brown box, a wooden soldier, a set of bubbles and a rather sorrowful looking elf. With these symbols, you can win anything from 8 coins up to 500 coins for a winning line.

There are two other symbols on the reels, the Wild and Scatter symbol and both of these trigger the main bonus features of the game which we will explore below.

Wild features

The Wild symbol on the slot is the Jack-in-the-Box Wild and it can substitute for any of the standard symbols on the reels outlined above. When it lands on the reel, it will expand to cover the reel if It will trigger a win for the player. This can sometimes lead to multiple wins across different combinations of symbols and this is a good way to increase the value of a win in the base game.

The Wild however only appears on the first three reels of the slot, so the most you can land on any one spin is three, but if you do, this will trigger a massive win.

Free Spins features

The Scatter symbol on the reels for the Misfit Toyland slot is good old Santa himself, although he does appear to be missing a foot. If you can land three or more of these Scatters on the reels, then you will trigger the Free Spins bonus game where you get to pick from one of three games to play through.

In the Broken Truck Free Spins, the Broken Truck symbol is added to the reels and becomes a Sticky Wild when landed. You can land multiple of these across your 10 Free Spins and the more you land, the greater chance you have of landing a better value prize. All wins are added up in this bonus round and your cumulative win paid when the bonus is completed.

The Jack-in-the-Box Free Spins has the Jack-in-the-Box Wild symbol sat on the third position for the duration of your 10 Free Spins. On each free spin it will expand across the third reel to trigger any additional wins it can depending on the outcome of that spin.

The final choice is the Sinking Ship Free Spins bonus where you also get 10 Free Spins and this time a Sinking Ship Wild is added to the top of a reel and will expand downwards across reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. The more of these symbols you can land, especially if you can land multiple on the screen at any one time, the greater your chances of a big win in this feature.

Other bonus features

There are no other bonus features available on the Misfit Toyland slot.

Best feature of the Misfit Toyland slot

I think we need to mention how well the presentation works on the Misfit Toyland slot. Rival have come up with a novel idea for a Christmas slot, and realized that vision very nicely with some superb graphics as well as fantastic sound and animation. Of the key slot features, the Expanding Wild is a nice touch but it is the three Free Spins round which make the slot, although they can take a while to trigger from the base game. When you do, I personally found the Broken Truck Free Spins to be the best value of the three, but in truth you can get decent results regardless of which of the rounds you pick, it all depends on how many of those Wilds you can land.

What does the Misfit Toyland slot lack?

For me the biggest omission on the Misfit Toyland slot is the lack of a multiplier and this is most keenly felt in the base game when you land some of those lower value wins (which is on most winning spins truth be told). You do get some bigger value wins to mix things up and offer you some better value, but those lower value wins would be more tolerable if there was a chance of a multiplier increasing their value, say if you use a Wild symbol to complete the line. Even a small 2x or 3x multiplier would have made a big difference here.


The Misfit Toyland slot is a very neatly presented game that has a rather unusual and cutesy take on Christmas, but which delivers a satisfying slot at the end of the day. The presentation is excellent, the game itself is good fun to play, especially when the key bonus features are triggered but it isn't perfect because wins in the base game tend to be very small and there's no way to increase them with a multiplier bonus or similar. Additionally, triggering Free Spins can take a considerable time (and expense) in the base game at times. Perseverance is required to get the best of the Misfit Toyland slot but it is generally rewarded with some nice pay outs to be won, especially in the Free Spins bonus games, although these pay outs can also be somewhat variable at times.


  • Presentation: 16 / 20 - The presentation on the Misfit Toyland slot is fantastic and arguably its best feature. The music is superb and the sound-effects match the visuals and animations on screen quite beautifully. Indeed, playing the slot is almost like watching your own Christmas themed cartoon at times. The only negative I have here is the static background. A simple snow-falling effect would have made that a more appealing feature of the slot.
  • Game-Play: 14 / 20 - The game-play of the Misfit Toyland slot is fine up until a point but you do find that the base game does somewhat trap you at times and it is so difficult to get beyond that and trigger the Free Spins bonus. Then on some occasions, you can trigger Free Spins relatively quickly within a few spins of each other. This does make this a more medium variance game, than low, despite regular pay outs. The game itself plays nicely but I'm not quite sure the rewards are quite enough for the player.
  • Bonus Features: 16 / 20 - If you can trigger them then the Free Spins bonus features are excellent and I feel the three options in this bonus feature offer a good chance of a decent sized win, although these too can be somewhat variable at times and there's no guarantee of a big win when the bonus is triggered. The Jack-in-the-Box Wild is also a nice touch especially when it expands across the reels and triggers additional wins.
  • Entertainment Factor: 13 / 20 - I found Misfit Toyland to be a slot that I loved playing initially but after a while, the fun began to wear off when I realized just how much it was costing me to play, and that the majority of wins that I got back weren't that huge. However, that is then mitigated when you do land a sizeable base game win or trigger Free Spins and win big. This does make the slot more volatile and depending on how you prefer your slots this could be a good thing or a bad.
  • Play Value: 10 / 20 - I feel the most disappointing aspect of the Misfit Toyland slot was the value for money aspect. Too many of the wins in the base game are low value and only offer you a return of a fraction of your stake. Admittedly, the bigger wins that come along do help balance that out, but you can play for a considerable time without a big win, or triggering Free Spins and it is then that the slot becomes somewhat expensive to play.
  • Overall 69 / 100 - Misfit Toyland is a slot that is somewhat enigmatic. Catch it on a good day and it can be a rewarding, enjoyable and fantastically fun slot to play. However, if it is in a mood not to pay out, then you can play for a long time without triggering a decent value win or bonus feature. It's a more medium variance, perhaps higher at times when played for more money per spin, but the bonus features and presentation make it a slot worth sticking with.

Good Luck!

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