Monster Money

Monster Money

  • Casino: Red Stag
  • Category: Free Bonus
  • Title: Monster Money
  • Type: 5 Reels, 25 Pay Lines, Monster Money Pick'Em Bonus Game, Wilds, and Multiplier.
  • Genre: Horror
  • Bonus: $2,500 Bonus
  • Software: WGS Technology
  • Summary: WGS Technology's Monster Money slot may lack free spins, but its generous bonus game has players spinning the reels in their droves every month. We find out why.
  • Not Available In: Canada, Israel, Moldova, Panama, United Kingdom. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
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  • Monster Money

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When Mary Shelley created the story of Frankenstein's monster, I have no doubt that she could not have appreciated how much of a mark it would make in the psyche of humanity. There have been so many retellings of the story throughout the ages and the themes underpinning it remain a central part of modern horror to this very day.

Little wonder then that in addition to inspiring a number of films and TV shows, the Frankenstein story has also been used widely in slot games and it is certainly the inspiration behind one of WGS Technology's more popular slot games of the last decade or so, Monster Money.

Featuring the token mad professor, who is harvesting body parts to try and create his own monster, which he intends to bring to life using the power of electricity, this slot is one of WGS Technology's older games, but it still has a large following of players today who play it regularly.

So what is it about Monster Money that sees it earn a place in the top five most played slots from WGS Technology each month from time to time? We decided to embolden ourselves for a trip into the dark, foreboding mansion owned by the mad professor, to play a few spins to find out.


  • Game: Monster Money
  • Developer: WGS Technology
  • Reels: 5x3
  • Pay Lines: 25 (selectable)
  • Minimum Bet: 0.01 (0.25 with all pay lines in play)
  • Maximum Bet: 250.00
  • Jackpot: 5,000x
  • Free Spins Bonus: No
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: Medium

Where can I play the Monster Money slot?

If you want to try your hand at the Monster Money slot, then one of the best places to head to try a number of games from this provider is Red Stag Casino. The good news is that the site has only recently updated it's welcome bonus for new players and that means you can benefit from a brand new and great value offer.

The new offer sees up to $2,500 in matched deposit bonuses available, but instead of this being front-loaded on your first deposit, you can realize this bonus in part, or in full, across your first seven deposits on the site. Each deposit will trigger a matched deposit bonus of between 100% to 275% of the total amount deposited (up to the maximum amount).

Furthermore, there are up to 500 spins available to be earned when you make your deposits and with your bonus spins, you will be able to play a number of great value slots at Red Stag Casino, such as Funky Chicken, Cool Bananas or the exciting King Tiger slot.

This is an incredible value offer for new players at Red Stag Casino and one you should consider if you especially enjoy WGS Technology slots like Monster Money.


It is fair to say that the presentation of the Monster Money slot is somewhat basic. There is hardly any sound to speak of, just sound effects of reels spinning and this doesn't help create any real atmosphere from the game. Also the fact that this is a slightly older slot means that the presentation isn't really up to the standards of modern games, with simplistic cartoon symbols being the order of the day. In terms of mechanics, the game plays fine and the bonus features work OK, but this isn't a game that is brimming with technical innovation and starting effects.

What's on the reels?

There are a total of 12 symbols on the reels of which 10 are standard symbols. There are six lower value symbols on the reels. These range from the bolts and monitor, through the foot and the beaker full of green liquid, through to the hand and the head of Frankenstein's monster. The value of these wins ranges from 5 coins up to 200 coins.

The mid-value wins come from two symbols, the brain and the rather scared-looking man holding the flaming torch and these offer wins from 20 coins up to 400 coins.

There are also two higher value symbols and these are Igor, the professor's assistant and a landscape of the haunted mansion where the professor has his laboratory. These symbols both pay out small wins of just 5 coins for 2 symbols on the reels, but also much higher value wins for five with 1,500 coins paid by Igor and 2,000 coins for five of the mansion symbols across the reels.

The other two symbols are the Scatter and Wild and these are used in the main bonus features of the slot.

Wild features

The mad professor wearing the goggles and with crazed orange hair is the in game Wild symbol (or substitute as it is called in the slot). This symbol is used in two ways, firstly it can substitute for any of the standard symbols in the game listed above to help create more wins and more winning lines on a spin.

Secondly, you can land Wild symbols right across the reels and if you manage to hit five on a pay line then you will win the maximum amount available to be won in the base game of 5,000 coins.

Free Spins features

There is no Free Spins bonus feature on the Monster Money slot. Instead, landing three of the Electrical Rod Scatters will earn you a cash prize and a chance to play a bonus game which is outlined below.

Landing two or more Scatters will win you a cash prize of between 2x and 100x your total wager.

Other bonus features

The main bonus feature of the slot is the Monster Money which is triggered when you land three or more of the Electric Rod Scatters across the reels. When you land this bonus, a new screen loads up and on it are displayed eight doors in a creepy old haunted house. You can select any five doors in the bonus game and behind each door will be a monster and also a cash prize.

Simply select five of the doors and the money you win behind each will be added together and the total added to your balance after you complete the game.

However, if you can pick the door that the Professor lands behind, then you will receive a 3x multiplier on all the cash prizes you win in the bonus game, which can increase the value of your total win significantly. All cash prizes in the bonus round are multiples of your starting bet.

Best feature of the Monster Money slot

With just the one main feature on the slot, the Monster Money feature is the crown jewel of the Monster Money slot. It may be a simple selection game but there are two things going in its favor. Firstly, it isn't too difficult to trigger most of the time and secondly, when you do trigger it, you can land some pretty sizeable wins, among some of the biggest I have ever seen landed in a Pick'em game on a slot.

What does the Monster Money slot lack?

The obvious thing that the Monster Money slot lacks is a Free Spins bonus and there is no doubt in my mind that this will put a few players off giving this slot a try. However, I would urge you not to give it a miss simply because there are no Free Spins in the game as the Monster Money feature is triggered relatively frequently and you can land some decent sized wins on this bonus feature, which are certainly on a par with anything that you can land in a Free Spins bonus game.


It's one of the more unusual things about slots that you do find horror films and books inspire a good number of top quality slots and while Monster Money is looking a little dated nowadays, it is easy to see why people still flock to play the game, especially in the months running up towards Halloween when I feel it will be most popular. It isn't on a par with more modern slot games you can play like the Halloween Slot, Bubble Bubble or Lost Vegas, but it is a fun, playable slot with a nice bonus feature if you are a bit bored of constant Free Spins bonus games. The house edge is a little high though so even at its best, this is a medium variance game.


  • Presentation: 13 / 20 - As one of the more venerable WGS Technology slot games, Monster Money is starting to look its age a little now and in terms of presentation, it can't really compare to some of the more modern horror-themed slots available today. The sounds are basic but the animations in the bonus round are nicely done. The one thing I would have liked to have seen is an option to play through faster spins, but other than that, this is a solid, if not spectacular slot.
  • Game-play: 12 / 20 - The base game of the Monster Money slot is a little dull to be honest. The lack of quality in the presentation doesn't help and the fact that there is no quick spin option also makes the game play drag a little. Wins come along at decent intervals and they can be a mix of sizes, but the base game doesn't thrill you and it is only really when the bonus game kicks in that the slot comes to life.
  • Bonus Features: 15 / 20 - It is rare that I give a slot that does not have a Free Spins bonus, or at least several bonus features, a higher value mark here, but I have made an exception for Monster Money as the bonus feature in the slot is relatively easy to trigger and you can land some great value wins in the bonus game. Of course, this is very variable on the game, but in contrast to other slots, I felt I was fairly rewarded more often playing Monster Money than many other games and the bonus round is a huge part of that.
  • Entertainment Factor: 12 / 20 - If there's one criticism I have of the slot, it is that all the excitement in the game tends to come in the Monster Money bonus round and not the base game itself. There's no random game to trigger in the base game, nor any multiplier wins. Wild wins are useful, but the base game isn't the most engaging for players. Things ramp up several notches when you trigger the bonus game, but other than that, the slot is somewhat simplistic.
  • Play Value: 14 / 20 - Although this slot has a higher than usual house edge, I actually felt it paid out more than some slots with a lower house edge. The bonus feature I felt was particularly generous and the fact it wasn't unduly difficult to trigger, certainly in the sessions I played, made this feel like it was a game that was a little more generous to its players than the raw data would suggest. I wouldn't be playing it for big money right away, give the slot a try first as it can play somewhat variably, but on a good day, this can be a slot which puts a smile on your face.
  • Overall 66 / 100 - Monster Money is a real mix of a slot, a bit like the component parts of the Frankenstein monster that the game is about. There are some very good aspects, notably the bonus feature and some rather average bits, which is the base game, but the overall experience of playing is actually more fun and enjoyable than you would think when you load up the slot. It is certainly a game you should try a few spins on before you form an opinion on the game.

Good Luck!

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