Alien Spinvasion

Alien Spinvasion

  • Casino: Slots Capital
  • Category: Free Chip
  • Title: Alien Spinvasion
  • Type: 5x3 Reels, 50 Pay Lines, Wilds, and Random Free Spins Feature.
  • Genre: Alien
  • Bonus: $7 Free Chip plus 1000% Match Bonus
  • Software: Rival Gaming
  • Summary: Help the Army General repel the advancing alien hoard and protect Earth from invasion in the exciting Alien Spinvasion slot from Rival Gaming featuring two great value bonus features!
  • Not Available In: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Guam, Estonia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
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  • Alien Spinvasion

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Alien's are all the rage at the moment, particularly with Ridley Scott's latest epic Alien Covenant in the cinemas. It's no surprise that we've all gone a bit giddy for the little green men and it is therefore no surprise that the Alien Spinvasion slot from Rival Gaming has proven to be so popular with slots fans since its release.

The premise of the slot is that there are a hoard of one-eyed green aliens who are all set to cause havoc by invading the earth, taking over the planet and presumably having something particularly unpleasant in store for us. However, defending us we have the Army General who is ready to repel the enemy swarms with a few choice weapons of his own.

Who will win this titanic battle for the Earth? Well only you can find out when you decide to have a few spins on the Alien Spinvasion slot. But is it worth your time doing so? Let's take a closer look and find out what these little green fellows have to offer.

Mini Slot Overview

  • Game: Alien Spinvasion
  • Developer: Rival Gaming
  • Reels : 5x3
  • Pay Lines : 50 (selectable)
  • Minimum Bet: $0.50
  • Maximum Bet: $125
  • Jackpot: 250x
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: No
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: Medium to High

Where can I play the Alien Spinvasion slot?

If you are looking for a casino to join that offers you the chance to play Alien Spinvasion, as well as a host of top other slots, then look no further than the superb Slots Capital Casino. Sign up today as a new member and you are eligible for a superb $7 Free Casino Chip plus a 1000% Match Bonus!

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Is the Alien Spinvasion slot available in the United States?

Yes, but unfortunately if you live in any of the following states then you are unable to sign up with the casino due to extra restrictions: US Virgin Islands, Kentucky, Maryland, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York and Washington State.


The theme of the Alien Spinvasion slot is immediately apparent the moment that you load up the game. A flying saucer dashes across the screen from left to right while imposing, dramatic music heralds the initial loading screen which highlights three of the main features of the slot all set against a space backdrop. So far so good.

When the slots start you are treated to a backdrop of a cartoon style Earth in space. The multipliers (more on these in our Free Spins section) are situated on the left of the screen, with the pay line selector on the right. At the foot of the screen are the buttons to select lines and coins as well as Bet Max and Auto Play buttons. Central to all of these are the five reels all of which are central to the action on screen. Once you have selected what coin size you want to play (.01, .05, .10 or .25) and the number of pay lines you want to play (I'd strongly suggest you play all 50) then you are ready to go.

What's on the reels?

In terms of the symbols on the reels, Alien Spinvasion approaches the subject matter in a more comic style. The lower value symbols on the reels are the standard playing card symbols, which range from 9, through to the Ace and each is a different colour to the other symbols and each seems to be coated in some strange oozing slime.

Wins for these lower value symbols are generally very small with between 1 coin and 24 coins depending on how many you hit on a pay line. That isn't a huge amount of money to win, especially if you are wagering the maximum 50 coins per spin.

Better value wins can be found with the higher value symbols of which there are a total of six available in the base game. The Flying Saucer, Asteroid, Ray Gun, strange alien Egg, the General's Launch button and phone and the planet Earth are the symbols and these offer payouts of up to 250 coins during the base game.

There are two more symbols on the reels that trigger separate bonus features and we will take a closer look at these below.

Wild Features

The Alien invader acts as the in game Wild and this is symbol serves two purposes. Firstly, it can be used to replace any other high or low value symbol to create a winning pay line on a spin and it also acts as a Sticky Wild when it does manage to trigger a bonus win.

When this happens, the Wild landed on the reels will remain in place and all the other reels (including the reel with the Wild on) are spun again as a free re-spin. The Wild remains in place overlaid on the spinning reels and you can trigger a second win from this if you are lucky. If you are luckier and hit a second Sticky Wild, which triggers another win, then you will continue to re-spin the reels with the Wilds in place until you trigger a non-winning spin, or a spin without an additional Wild.

While most of the time this feature offers you the chance of an additional win or two, on occasion you can hit a good run of spins and land several Wilds on the reels and several re-spins and the amount you can win in this bonus feature increases dramatically as a result.

Free Spins Features

The Free Spin bonus is triggered randomly in the game and occurs when the Army General appears on screen as you are spinning the reels. When this happens, you are immediately given 11 free spins and during the free spins, the Drop Icons bonus is also activated and an additional icon, the Rocket Icon, is added to the reels for the duration of the bonus round.

The Drop Icon bonus means that when you land a winning pay line in the free spins round, the icons involved in that pay line will flash and disappear creating a space. Icons from above will then fall into the space and potentially create new winning pay lines.

Each time you trigger winning pay lines using the Drop Icon feature, the multiplier on the left side of the screen will increase from 2x up to a maximum of 11x and it is when you hit multiple wins in a row using the Drop Icon feature that some of the much bigger value wins on the Alien Spinvasion slot becomes possible.

Other Bonus Features

Other than the Free Spins feature and the Wild features outlined above, the Alien Spinvasion slot does not have any other bonus features to play through.

Best feature of the Alien Spinvasion slot

Although the Free Spins bonus round is good and can lead to some sizeable wins, I think the best feature of the slot is the Sticky Wilds feature. The reason for that being that it is easier to trigger and generally can produce more wins more often and some of those wins can be huge.

For example, in reviewing the game, I played at the maximum bet of $125 per spin and within ten spins, had triggered five Sticky Wilds on the reels and landed a total win of over $3,000 from that spin alone. However don't be fooled, this isn't a suicidal and overly generous slot, this is most definitely a medium and occasionally higher variance game, especially in the base game when wins are generally very small.

What does Alien Spinvasion slot lack?

The one thing that does let the Alien Spinvasion slot down a little in my view is the fact that it doesn't have an additional game to play alongside the Free Spins and Wild bonuses. Pretty much all modern slots worth their salt nowadays have these features and it would have been nice to have had a bonus feature where the General can blast a few of the Alien invaders and earn you some cash in the process.

However, the biggest issue for me is that the Alien Spinvasion slot is entirely dependent on you hitting the features of the slot relatively frequently in order for you to stand a chance of a profit. It can be done (as I proved when playing) but if you go on a dry spell for features, then the cost of the base game allied to the tiny wins available means that at times, these Aliens can take a rather large chunk out of your bankroll.


I think there's a lot to like about the Alien Spinvasion slot. I think it is well presented and the music in particular adds a dramatic feel to the game, while the graphics are bright and eye-catching and neatly designed. I like how the scene changed when you hit the free spins bonus and the game certainly is easy on the eye.

The other positive aspect are the two main bonus features. Both the Free Spins and Wild bonuses play very well on the slot and both can lead to some sizeable wins when playing the game, although not always it has to be said. They are also relatively easy to trigger most of the time, but occasionally you can hit a dry spell.

The biggest problem is that Alien Spinvasion as a base game is just too punitive. The vast majority of low value wins award you but a fraction of your wager (assuming you play all 50 lines) and it means your only chances of a profit are getting lucky on one of the features. That does diminish the excitement of the base game a great deal and it does impact the generally positive impression you get from the slot.


  • Presentation: 16 / 20 - I really like what Rival Gaming have done with the Alien Spinvasion slot. The game looks bright, enticing and has superb music. The animations are fun and the whole game knits together very nicely indeed.
  • Game-Play: 10 / 20 - If you can hit the features of the slot relatively frequently then Alien Spinvasion can be a hugely fun experience to play. However, hit a period of inactivity on the features and those low value wins in the base game soon become a real pain. It is no fun winning only a fraction of your stake back and that severely impacts how enjoyable the base game is.
  • Bonus Features: 12 / 20 - Both the Wild and Free Spins features on the Alien Spinvasion slot are very nicely done and each has their own twist and the ability to award big value wins. However, I would have liked a bit more from the game considering the subject matter, perhaps in the form of a pick me game or similar that linked in more readily with the theme.
  • Entertainment Factor: 11 / 20 - This would have been a considerably higher score if the size of the wins in the base game were a little fairer but as it stands, those low value wins can really impinge on how much you enjoy this slot and that is a shame as with this rectified, this slot would have scored a lot higher here.
  • Play Value: 10 / 20 - Alien Spinvasion scores the middle of the road here for me, the value comes in the two big features of the slot and they do offer some fantastic payouts, but that low value base game is always niggling away at you and can be a real hindrance.
  • Overall 59 / 100 - This is a slot of some real extremes. Sure you can win some fantastic amounts in the free spins round and the wild re-spins, but the punitive low value wins in the base game really harm how enjoyable this slot is. That is a shame because in many other respects Alien Spinvasion is a really enjoyable game to play.

Good Luck!

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