Bodog launches a Live Dealer option across several casino games

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There's big news from Bodog Casino this week as the company is the latest to join the growing number of casinos offering a Live Dealer option for customers.

In this review, we will not only take a look at the five different games on offer at Bodog Live Casino, but also explore a little about the different bonuses available on the site and whether a Live Dealer games is the best option for you. Check it out - click here.

First off though, let's take a little look at exactly what Live Dealer games are and why they are so popular with a high proportion of players.

What are Live Dealer games?

Live Dealer games are the closest thing you can get at an online casino to playing in a real-world casino. They operate via a video feed, which streams video of your chosen game direct onto your desktop, mobile or tablet. The game you see is a real-life representation of your game, hosted by a human dealer, as you would get in a standard casino.

The game then progresses as it would in the standard casino, you will be able to place your bets as if you were stood at the table and you then get to see the result of the game played out on screen with the dealer drawing the cards, setting the roulette wheel in motion or performing any other tasks they would need to complete the game.

The great thing with Live Dealer games online is that all the bets you make are paid out automatically if you win, so you don't have to wait for the dealer to get round to paying you after each hand. This means that Live Dealer games are generally quicker online, than when played in a casino.

Why do many people prefer Live Dealer games?

The answer to that is simple, it is just that many people trust a dealer more than a computer program. Any casino game that is played online without a live dealer is governed by a complex series of algorithms and random number generators which help decide the result.

Many players however prefer to see their game played out "in real life" using chance and with a human dealer. The fact that this is closer to a genuine casino experience also makes it a popular choice with punters.

Live Dealer games, including those offered by Bodog also include the opportunity to interact with other players and the dealer via a text entry field. Players can use this to enter messages to other players and the dealer and the dealer will respond verbally, with other players also able to respond using the text entry option.

The other reason people like Live Dealer games online is that they generally have higher minimum betting stakes than standard online casino games, which means players that want to play for more money each hand tend to be better suited to Live Dealer games.

What are the five Live Dealer games offered by Bodog?

Alongside their standard casino offerings, Bodog now offer customers the chance to play any of six different Live Dealer games. We have previewed each of the six different games available for Live Dealer play at Bodog below.

  • Live Dealer Blackjack

The Live Dealer game is similar to the game you can find in the Bodog Casino, but it does have a couple of differences. Firstly, it is played with six decks which are shuffled after each hand and it also includes the option of making two bonus side bets. The dealer hits on soft 17 and a winning Blackjack hand pays 3:2 with other wins paying out at even money. If you are watching the game rather than at the table, or you enjoy betting on other players performance, you can back bet. This allows you to wager on the play of other players at the table. Players can also take more than one seat at the table (if free) should they want to play multiple hands against the dealer.

  • Live Dealer American Roulette

Bodog also offers its customers American Roulette, this is the same version of the game as European Roulette except that it has an additional green double-zero slot on the wheel, alongside the standard single zero slot.

  • Live Dealer European Roulette

The single-zero version of European Roulette is also available at the Bodog Live Dealer casino and this version offers slightly improved odds for the player on each spin as the house edge is slightly lower than in the American version of the game.

In both versions of the game, players bet on the layout before the wheel is spun with a time limit counting down the time until the dealer spins the wheel. When this time is up, the wheel is spun and the ball released and then the winning bets are paid out once the ball comes to rest in the wheel.

  • Live Dealer Baccarat

The Live Dealer Baccarat at Bodog is played using eight different decks and offers the same betting options as the standard version of the game - Banker (1/1 payout minus 5% commission), Player (1/1) and Tie (8/1). As in standard Baccarat, you are betting on the side that will have the highest score at the end of the round (or if you back a tie, that both players tie the game). Players can also place a side bet called the Dragon Bonus, which pays when a player wins using a Natural or by four or more points. You can win up to 30/1 with this side bet.

  • Live Dealer Super 6

Super 6 is a variant of Baccarat which sees the same three Primary bet options, Tie, Player and Banker but the payouts for these bets are slightly different. The banker pays out at even money except when he wins by six points or more, in which case he pays half your bet. The biggest difference in Super 6 is that there are four more side bets you can make in addition to the Dragon Bonus side bet.

What is Bodog Casino's current Welcome Bonus?

If you want to sign up to play Bodog's current range of casino games and their new Live Dealer offering then now is a great time to do so thanks to the fantastic Casino Sign up Bonus on offer. Sign up today using the code WELCOMEGAMES and you will receive a 100% Matched Deposit Bonus of up to $600 on your first deposit.

Does Bodog offer a bitcoin bonus?

Yes, if you want to use bitcoin as your primary currency on the Bodog site then log into your account and place your deposit using bitcoin with the code BOCBITCOIN150 and you will receive a fantastic 150% Matched Bitcoin Bonus of up to $900.

That's not all though as when you make your first bitcoin deposit at sister site Bodog Sports, you will receive another 100% Matched Bonus worth up to $300 there too.

Is Live Dealer gaming for me?

Live Dealer gaming isn't really suited to players that want to play for micro stakes with betting limits tending to be a little higher than you would find on standard online casino games. However for lower stakes to higher stakes players, it is a valid option with most games having a low enough betting threshold to allow most players to enjoy the games.

Of course, as this is a streaming service, you will need to ensure you have a decent WiFi connection to play so you can enjoy the action on screen with as few glitches as possible. But if you have that then Live Dealer gaming is a fabulous option to enjoy at Bodog Casino.

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