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There are a lot of smaller casino game developers out there that do not get a whole lot of attention from either the industry or the press. Habanero is one of them.

For the record, Habanero is the brand name under which Habanero Systems creates and licenses casino games. Habanero Systems also offers a platform for casino operators looking to set up their own online gambling sites without having to build things from the ground up.

If the Habanero name is new to you, you are not alone. In our search for information we could use for this review, we found there wasn't much to come by. Nonetheless, we believe we have learned enough about Habanero to give you a fairly good idea what they're all about. Please note that this review is for informational purposes only.

Habanero profile

As best we can tell, Habanero is a Bulgarian company with headquarters located in Sofia. They also have offices in the Ukraine and South Africa. Habanero was founded in 2012 as a software development company focusing mainly on slots. Slot games eventually gave way to table games, video poker, and an entire gaming platform for casino operators.

It has been suggested that Habanero provides solutions for land-based casinos as well. They do offer game kiosks, as will be explained below, but the company's website doesn't list any land-based partners that may use those games. It is likely that kiosks are sold or licensed primarily in European locations. They might go to betting shops, pubs, and other outlets rather than full-scale casinos.

According to Habanero's LinkedIn profile, the company creates only RNG games. An RNG game is one that relies solely on a random number generator to determine results. There is some debate within the gambling industry as to whether RNG is the right way to go or not. But that's neither here nor there for the purposes of this review. It is enough to know that the RNG model has been approved by various government authorities around the world.

Habanero also says in their LinkedIn profile that they "are able to work quicker, respond faster and make decisions instantly" due to their smaller size. It would appear as though they embrace the fact that they are not a large corporation with a lot of moving parts. They believe their business model allows customers to enjoy better royalty rates and greater revenues in general.

Habanero's products

A perusal of the Habanero website reveals four key areas they focus on for delivering their core products. They start with games. As you might expect, most of the company's games are video slots. They currently have 80 titles in the slot category alongside 10 table games and 10 video poker titles.

Note that all of Habanero's games are based on HTML5 technology. Thankfully they are one of the companies that have completely abandoned Adobe Flash. There's absolutely not need for modern computers and mobile devices to use Flash.

The other three areas for delivering core products are as follows:

  • Platform - Like other casino game creators, Habanero has developed an all-encompassing platform that allows casino operators to set up shop quickly and easily. Using the Habanero platform gives an operator access to all 100 titles under a single license. This would be the choice for operators willing to offer Habanero games exclusively.
  • +Play (B2B) - As a business-to-business (B2B) organization, Habanero values its horizontal relationships. As such, they do not require casino operators to use their platform. It is possible through the +Play platform to integrate individual games into an existing casino environment. This bespoke solution includes bonuses, jackpots, APIs, and more.
  • TerminalPlay - Habanero's TerminalPlay program is where land-based casinos come into play. This program offers a kiosk platform by which brick-and-mortar establishments can bring Habanero games onto their premises. The platform offers time-based event games, player management tools, options for multiple locations, and a flexible business model.

Based on Habanero's product list, it would seem that the company does many of the same things larger companies do but on a smaller scale. However, Habanero doesn't offer a lot of details about its various platforms. There is really no way to tell how extensive their reach is as a result.

Players interested in checking out Habanero titles can easily search the company name here https://surewinner.com/search?q=Habanero.

Examples of Habanero titles

Habanero's relatively young age leads us to believe that most of their games are going to meet the high standards of visual aesthetics demanded by modern casino gamblers. To that end, we have looked at a number of their titles to see what they're like for ourselves. You will find descriptions of some of those titles below. Remember that Habanero games include video slots, table games, and video poker.

Panda Panda

Habanero has taken the Asian theme up a notch with their Panda Panda video slot. Its theme features a beautiful Asian forest complete with bright colors, crystal-clear water, and the beloved pandas that are the namesake of this game. Serene music plays in the background.

Panda Panda is a 5-reel video slot with interesting symbols. Although the game follows an Asian theme, many of the symbols look more South American than anything else. Be that as it may, playing card symbols make up the lower-paying set while higher-paying symbols include things like bamboo, waterfalls, and beautiful flowers.

All the pay lines in this game are fixed. However, players can determine the number of coins they want to bet on each line along with the coin value. Panda Panda allows for both manual and automatic play.

In terms of its graphic appeal, this game is more than adequate. It does not feature 3D animation, but the graphics are still very nicely done. There is some minor animation that goes on in the background along with the animation of the reels themselves.


The Gangsters video slot is themed after 1920s America and the organized crime wave brought on by prohibition. It is a 5-reel, 25-payline game with just three rows per reel. All the symbols relate to gangster criminal activity in one way or the other. Players will see gangsters with Tommy guns, playing cards and dice, bootleg liquor, and even a casino boss counting chips.

The reels in this game are intended to simulate a mechanical slot game from the same era. They even click as they turn. An appropriate soundtrack plays in the background, keeping players fully engaged. Each spin allows players an opportunity to determine the number of active pay lines, the number of coins bet on each line, and the value of those coins.

Players will be pleased to know that Gangsters offers a couple of bonus features including a free spins game. Free spins are worth quite a bit thanks to higher prize amounts and multipliers.


One of the titles in Habanero's table games category is Roulette. This is a European-based roulette game that features the typical European table. The addition of the raceway found in French roulette is a nice touch that afford a few more betting options.

The game is easy enough to play with drag-and-drop poker chips. Players simply place their chips on the table then click the 'Play' button once they are satisfied with their bets. All standard roulette rules apply to this game.

Habanero's Roulette is a smooth and fast game that should work well on any modern desktop or mobile device. The user interface is intuitive, it is easy to navigate, and there isn't a lot of clutter to make for an unhappy game experience.

Three-Card Poker

Also in the table games category is one of the newest entries into the poker family: three-card poker. This is a fast-paced poker game that combines the best parts of poker with baccarat. This is a good game for casino operators because it is easy to learn. Players can get right into the swing of three-card poker without having to be experts in bluffing and progressive wagering.

Habanero's version of three-card poker features a green poker table surrounded by luxurious wood. At the top of the table the player can see a full boot along with the house poker chips. At the bottom of the screen are the player's chips. The player drags and drops chips onto the table to place bets, then uses a computer-generated button to tell the dealer to draw.

The graphics in this game are not as stunning as some others we have seen, but they are more than adequate. Offering three-card poker alongside a few of the other games in this category would certainly fill out a good offering of table games.

Habanero summary

It's unfortunate that so little information about Habanero can be found online. Nonetheless, the company continues to develop world-class games. Casino operators are offering those games as well, so there is an obvious demand for them. We recommend giving this company a try by looking for casinos that license their games.

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