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One of the crucial factors in the success of any new casino game, whether it is a slot, a card game, a table game or even video poker is not just the intrinsic qualities of the game in question, but whether the game can be easily accessible on mobile device.

Interest in mobile gaming has soared in recent times and shows no sign of abating, so older games that are not particularly easy to play on mobile do suffer.

This is why companies like Bovada will invest significant sums in updating their most popular games for mobile and the latest to undergo this overhaul is the hugely popular, fast and fun to play Tri-Card Poker.

Let's learn a little more about this super-fast variant of Poker and why it is such a popular game with patrons at Bovada Casino.

What is Tri-Card Poker?

Tri-Card Poker is a version of the game that is perfectly suited to casino gaming. Unlike the traditional game, which is played at a table with several players, often all of a varying ability and which can run on for many, many hours at a time. A hand in Tri-Card Poker can be over in a matter of seconds and the player is taking on just one opponent, the dealer, in much the same way that the player takes on the dealer in a hand of blackjack.

The aim of the game is for the player to achieve a better poker hand than the dealer. The payout you receive for beating the dealer depends on the hand that you beat the dealer with combined with the type of bet or bets that you made when starting the game.

For you to beat the dealer, the dealers hand must qualify, which means that it will have to be ranked as Queen high or better. If the dealer's hand does not qualify, then it is assumed the dealer will fold the hand. In this case you receive your stake money back, if you raise the bet.

There are two bets that you can place when you start the game. The standard Ante and the Pair+ bet.

The Ante bet is simply your wager on the hand against the dealer regardless of what the value of your cards are and will pay out if you win the hand against the dealer.

The value of your Ante bet return is generally even money if you win against a any of the dealers hands. However if you land three of a kind, then you receive a payout of 4:1 and a Straight Flush offers a payout of 5:1.

If you have a hand you want to play against the dealer, then you can raise your original Ante bet by doubling the value of it with the Raise. If you want to fold your hand because it is not very strong, then you will lose your Ante Bet.

Once you have decided whether to Raise or Fold, the hand is then decided by revealing the dealers cards. If you win, then you receive a payout on your Raise and Ante bets if the dealers hand qualifies and yours outranks it. If your hand wins but the dealer does not qualify, you win your Ante bet, but lose your Raise bet (which generally means you break even). If the dealers hand qualifies and wins, then you lose your Ante and Raise bet.

The other bet you can place in this game is the Pair + bet. This is simply a bet that you will be dealt a hand that contains at least a pair of cards or higher. This is a bet that pays out regardless of what the outcome of the poker hand is and it offers some high value payouts.

The ratio of payouts for the Pair + bet are as follows:

  • A pair - 1:1 (bet $10, win $10, receive $20 total)
  • Straight - 6:1 (bet $10, win $60, receive $70 total)
  • 3 of a Kind - 30:1 (bet $10, win $300, receive $310 total)
  • Straight Flush - 40:1 (bet $10, win $400, receive $410 total)

If you do not land a pair or better in your hand, then your Pair+ bet loses, regardless of whether you actually win the Poker hand or not.

Is there a simple Tri-Card Poker strategy you can use?

The great news is that seeing as Tri-Card Poker is a very simple and easy to follow form of the game of poker, there is a very simple strategy you can play to. Essentially, this is to fold every hand that does not contain a Queen or better in your selection. (To further increase the odds, if you fold every hand below Queen, 6, 4 then you cut he house edge by a tiny fraction of a percent still further).

By following this simple strategy, you should get a house edge of just over 3%, which means that this is a game that gives players a decent chance of making a profit.

How does Tri-Card Poker play now on mobile?

We've already explained that the reason for the reworking of this original game was to make the game more appealing to mobile users and the new upgrade has certainly helped that. The buttons are now considerably larger and easier to use on mobile devices, the pay tables are easier to read and the whole game runs a lot more smoothly, making it a joy to play from a smartphone or tablet as much as it is from a desktop or laptop PC.

You can use the Re-bet function to place the same bet each time for speed, or you can use the Re-bet x2 option to double the value of your previous bet. Alternatively, you can select the size of your bet by selecting from the chips shown at the bottom of the screen.

Tri-Card Poker is a triumph for Bovada Casino and offers players the chance to enjoy this fast, fun and friendly casino game in all its glory direct from mobile as well as via desktop. Sign up to Bovada Casino now and give this great poker variant a try!

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