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For those not familiar with Keno, it is a cross between bingo and a lotto. In bingo and lottery games, the numbers are selected by a random number generator and this is the same for Keno.

Monkey Keno just ads a bit of fun to the game. There is a monkey that hurls coconuts at the 8x10 Keno board, which then split open to reveal the next number by covering the number on the grid and turning it a different colour. The Hot and Cold Numbers reveal which numbers have been drawn many times (hot) and those that have not been selected often (cold).

How do you play Monkey Keno?

First select how many number you want to pick per game. The monkey reveals the numbers per game. Then select the numbers by clicking on them on the grid, which will turn green as you add numbers to the selection. Meanwhile the Paytable will update showing you how many numbers you will need to hit to win a cash prize.

Once you have selected your numbers you can select the size of your wager. Bet from $0.10 up to a maximum of $10 per game, which will pay you the maximum of 10,000 times the original stake. This means that the maximum prize available goes all the way up to $100,000!

When each game ends any numbers that the coconuts covered are highlighted on the pay table. If the number of numbers hit by coconuts amounts to a win, that amount is shown and added to your current balance. If you select more numbers to play in a single game, then you may need to hit multiple numbers in a game in order to trigger any payline win.

Once the game has completed and any payouts have been finalised, you can start a new game by selecting new numbers, or you can elect to play the same numbers again if you prefer a speedier game. If you prefer using the same "lucky" numbers, simply place the game in auto-play mode, which will play those numbers for any number of rounds you choose.

Why play Monkey Keno?

If you have never tried Keno then Monkey Keno is certainly one option to try out. It's a fun and quick way to play a bingo/lottery type of game. And the ability to select the amounts of numbers for each game means you can tailor it and try different strategies. For example, you might play just three or four numbers and hope to land one for the win, or you could play 14 or 15 and be in with a chance of the big jackpot prize.

To enjoy all the cool prizes that Monkey Keno offers pick up to 15 numbers and once you've made your choice, the game will select 20 balls for you. If your numbers are among those drawn - you win! Match all 15 numbers and you will be rewarded with the huge jackpot!

The speed of the game is really the beauty of Keno. Why not try it online today?

Where to play Monkey Keno?

Doesn't it sound like the monkeys are having a ball with this? And you're invited. Click here now.

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