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Play Roll the Dice!

Some big casino sites get developers to make games specifically for their casino brand and that is precisely what has happened here with the Fish-Prawn-Crab Roll the Dice game, playable right now.

Dice games are hugely popular, especially in China where there are some ancient dice games that you can play to this day. One such game is the Moon Cake Festival Dice Game, an ancient game which dates back to the 1600s where players roll six dice in a bowl to try and win prizes by landing specific combinations of numbers. The prizes consist of 63 different sized moon cakes, although in more modern times other prizes such as appliances and money are also sometimes offered.

More familiar to casino users perhaps is the game of Sic Bo, a game played with three dice which also has its history in ancient China. The game is somewhat similar to roulette initially, as players will place their bets on a number of different options on the table and then the outcome of the roll of three dice decides which is the winning bet and which are losing bets.

Understanding the rules of dice games such as these can be difficult when translating from native Chinese, but fortunately there are plenty of simplified Chinese instructions you can follow to get to grips with these games and games do not come any simpler than the Roll the Dice game, or Fish-Prawn-Crab as it is also known.

How do I play Roll the Dice?

Playing Roll the Dice (or Fish-Prawn-Crab if you prefer) is actually very simple and this is one of those games that only takes a few seconds to understand, but which then becomes immense fun to play time and time again.

Essentially, what you have here are seven different bets that can be made, based on the rolled on the roll of a standard six-sided dice. These are a Fish, Prawn and Crab (which are the three symbols that the game gets its nom-de-plume from) as well as four more symbols including a Coin, Rooster, Calabash and the special bet, the Triple.

For each turn of the game, a player bets on one of the symbols. If after a roll the symbol you bet on turns up once on the three dice, then you win a 1:1 (even money) pay out. This means if you bet $10, then you would get $20 back. If you roll the dice and the symbol you bet on shows up twice, then you would get a 2:1 pay out (which for a $10 bet would be $30 back) and finally, if you get the symbol to land on all three dice then you get a 3:1 pay out (which for a $10 stake is $40 back).

This rule is the same for all six symbols on the dice and available to bet on bar the Triple symbol. There is no triple symbol on the dice, but what this bet represents is a bet on all three of the symbols on the dice being the same on that roll. So, if you bet on the Triple option and the dice roll produces three Crabs or three Fish or three Calabash or so on, then your bet wins and pays out at 30:1, that means a $10 Triple bet would return $310.

To play the game, all you need to do is first select the size of your bet, which can be between $1 per turn up to $500 per turn. You can place more than bet on a single roll of the dice if you so wish and if you make a mistake you can use the Clear or Undo button to clear your bets. Once your bets are placed, the dice are covered by the bowl and you can then click on it to reveal the outcome of the dice roll.

Where can I play Roll the Dice?

The great news is that Roll the Dice is available to play now at Ignition Casino, which is a casino that also hosts plenty of other top quality casino games and slots to try out, as well as a number of great value promotions and offers.

It is also worth pointing out that if you speak Chinese as your first language, then the great news for you is that Ignition Casino is also available in Simplified Chinese, allowing you to play all the different games available on the site, including Roll the Dice, in your native tongue.

What introductory offers are available for me at Ignition Casino?

As a new player at Ignition Casino, you can receive a fantastic Welcome Bonus worth as much as $2,000 when you sign up to play at the casino. Your welcome bonus is split into two different bonuses, one for casino gaming and one for poker and you are eligible to claim both once you have registered as a member on the site.

For the Casino bonus, simply register and then place your first deposit and Ignition Casino will match your first deposit with a 100% Matched Bonus up to the maximum bonus amount of $1,000. Your bonus is available instantly upon making your deposit. Your Casino Bonus comes with a 25 wagering requirement attached.

In addition, you can also unlock a Poker Welcome Bonus of up to $1,000 after making your initial deposit with the Poker site. Once you do, you can start earning Poker Points by playing real cash games on the site and as you earn Poker Points over the first 30 days of membership, you will unlock your special poker bonus too.

Is bitcoin accepted at Ignition Casino?

Yes, you can play using bitcoin at Ignition Casino and better still there is a fantastic special $2,000 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus available for you when you sign up using that method. Many Chinese players are finding how useful bitcoin is to wager at casinos and now you can join them with this great value offer.

Simply register and when you make your first deposit with bitcoin using the bonus code IGBITCOIN200, you will receive a 200% Matched Bonus of up to $2,000 on that first deposit. Once again, your bonus will be available instantly for you to use on the site. There is a 25x wagering requirement in place for your Bitcoin Bonus.

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