Vivo Gaming has perfected the art of live dealer gambling

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Among all the casino gaming companies we have reviewed, none are quite like Vivo Gaming. This American company is a highly specialized developer of live streaming casino games made available to both land-based and online casinos.

Vivo Gaming develops creative and innovative solutions designed to give their customers a competitive edge in the highly cluttered casino space. The company is very much committed to making the best use of technology so as to answer every need with a seamless solution that integrates perfectly into each customer's existing operations.

In short, Vivo Gaming looks to be the only live gambling solution provider their customers need. They invest heavily in the success of their customers with the knowledge that their own success hinges on it. The Vivo Gaming team is a multinational team of gaming experts located around the world. They believe this model allows them to effectively meet the needs of clients regardless of where they operate.

Vivo Gaming's profile

Vivo Gaming's LinkedIn profile lists the company's headquarters as being in Miami, Florida (USA). They also have development studios in Miami and Croatia. Their profile also says they employ between 51 and 200 people and operate as a privately held company first established in 2005.

As far as the company's history, there is not much information out there. What we do know is that the company has been actively involved in live gaming for the last 10 years. Prior to that, their business model focused on gaming platforms, integration APIs, RNG games, and casino software.

The Vivo Gaming of 2018 bills itself as the "leading interactive provider for live dealer games." That is quite a statement given the fact that they are competing with companies like Net Entertainment and Evolution Gaming. Nonetheless, Vivo Gaming is more than holding its own in the live game arena.

Vivo Gaming also believes "strongly in sound regulatory systems that ensure integrity and effective business practices." It's assumed that most game developers do, but statements like that are not often made publicly. Vivo Gaming is not afraid to divulge their position on regulation via their LinkedIn profile. This tells us that the company is one of integrity.

Vivo Gaming's products

If you really want to know what Vivo Gaming is all about, you have to look at their product list. It is pretty extensive. It starts with their live table games. At the time of this writing, Vivo Gaming operated 18 live tables from two different studios - one in Central America and the other in Asia. Each of those tables runs 24/7 to offer players roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and four others.

In addition to live table games, Vivo Gaming also offers:

  • Sports Betting

The sport betting space is increasingly popular thanks to the proliferation of online gambling. Vivo Gaming offers a seamless and fully integrated sports betting solution that gives existing operations an easy way to integrate new betting choices for players. Their sports betting solutions now include more than 60,000 unique events every month. They cover soccer, American football, basketball, and more than 60 other sports.

  • Mobile Games

There is no doubt that mobile gaming is as hot as live table games right now. Vivo Gaming knows that, which is why they develop HTML5 mobile games. In addition to games playable in mobile browsers, they also develop native apps for both Android and iOS. Vivo Gaming's mobile games play well on just about any modern smartphone or tablet.

  • RNG Games

Games in this category are powered by random number generators built in to the software. For the purposes of serving casino customers, these are games in the slots, video poker, and table games categories. These are all simulated games utilizing the latest in computer software and API integration. Vivo Gaming produces virtual horse races, keno, and bingo under the RNG category.

  • Management Tools

Vivo Gaming supports customers with a suite of management tools that make integrating their solutions easier and more viable. Management tools include solutions for affiliate management, payment options, accounting, risk management, cashier management, progressive jackpots, game limits, live support, and more. The suite really is an all-in-one back-office administration package.

  • Localization

Both live and RNG titles from Vivo Gaming can be localized and customized with the company's localization platform. The platform supports multiple currencies and languages. For live games, tables and studio settings can be customized so that they are familiar to local players. All games can be branded as well.

Taking a good look at Vivo Gaming's product list reveals one of the fundamental things that makes this company different: they are genuinely committed to finding ways to help casino operators succeed in whatever environment they find themselves in. Where some companies focus only on one area, Vivo Gaming covers a wide array of solutions. They also do what they do very well.

Examples of Vivo Gaming titles

All our gaming company reviews include examples of game titles. This review is no different. However, reviews of Vivo Gaming's live games will be somewhat limited. We must go on the information provided by Vivo Gaming itself. Unfortunately, we cannot preview live games for review purposes.

With that said, here are some of those promised titles:

  • Roulette

Live roulette from Vivo Gaming is based on classic European rules. This means a single zero pocket and none of the extra bets that apply to French and American roulette. The game is brought to players by way of full HD video captured by cameras that move automatically to keep pace with the action. There are no cuts or takes so as to not give players any reason to distrust what they are seeing.

All roulette games are managed by professional croupiers fully trained in both roulette and creating a pleasant video experience. Live roulette also offers a full history and statistics to keep players informed as they play. Live roulette is truly an incredible experience that draws players in.

  • Blackjack

Live blackjack tables offer games based on traditional rules. That means dealers stand on 17, blackjacks pay 3 to 2, and insurance is available during every game. Moreover, full interaction between player and dealer is possible through live audio and video. Players sitting at the same table can interact with one another by way of text-based chat.

Live blackjack tables operate 24/7 for maximum revenue generation. Game flow is not interrupted, and players are given adequate time to make their decisions just as they would be in a brick-and-mortar setting.

  • Caribbean Poker

It is difficult to create a live poker game that simulates a brick-and-mortar experience due to the nature of players coming in and out. So in many cases, live online games limit progressive betting. They might also eliminate bluffing by allowing only one player to play against the dealer. Vivo Gaming addresses all these concerns by offering Caribbean poker.

Caribbean poker is a unique kind of poker developed specifically to bring players to the table; players who would otherwise avoid poker because of its progressive betting and bluffing. This game combines the best of poker with the speed and action of three-card poker and baccarat. Multiple players can play at the same table, but they all compete against the dealer rather than one another.

This is a proven moneymaker especially in European and Latin American markets. Vivo Gaming really pushes this game because it generates a ton of revenue. It is a highly entertaining game that even non-experts can learn to play rather quickly.

  • Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is an Asian casino game that is arguably the simplest card game to play for new gamblers. Not a lot of game developers offer Dragon Tiger, but they should. Vivo Gaming's version is based on the European rules of Casino War. It is presented in an elegant format that takes advantage of the Asian theme.

Read our full Dragon Tiger review.

The simplicity of Dragon Tiger cannot be stressed enough. The only job players have is to place bets regarding which of two cards they believe will be higher. The cards are represented by two sides, the dragon and the tiger. Prior to any cards being dealt, players place their bets. If they bet on the higher card, they win. Players can also bet on ties as well as placing several side bets.

Dragon Tiger's appeal is twofold. First, players appreciate the simplicity of a game that allows them to enjoy gambling without having to be an expert in a long list of rules. Dragon Tiger is truly a game of chance if there ever was one. Second, the game moves along. A complete game can be finished pretty quickly, allowing players to get up and move on when they've had enough.

Where to play Vivo Gaming games?

Here are our recommended online casinos for playing Vivo games. You may also find Vivo games at your local land-based casino.

Vivo Gaming summary

Our overall view of Vivo Gaming is very positive. We have known about this outstanding company for years. They have an excellent reputation as a top-tier casino solution provider with a clear commitment to customers. It could be that you have played Vivo games without even knowing it. It wouldn't surprise us, given how many online casinos contract with them for live games.

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