Banana Jones

Banana Jones

  • Casino: Sloto'Cash
  • Category: Free Bonus
  • Title: Banana Jones
  • Type: Board Game, Treasure Wheel Bonus and Crystal Banana Quest Bonus.
  • Genre: Jungle
  • Bonus: 400% Match Bonus up to $4000
  • Software: Realtime Gaming
  • Summary: It's always exciting when a new 'slot' is released that actually doesn't resemble a slot game at all. That's what's happened with Banana Jones, Realtime Gaming's recent jungle-themed release. Read our review.
  • Not Available In: Costa Rica, Israel, Moldova, Netherlands. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
  • Not Available in U.S. states: Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington. Residents from all other states are welcome to play.
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We've had to break the mold for one of the more recent offerings from Realtime Gaming as their game Banana Jones most definitely cannot be called a slot and to judge the game as a slot would not only undervalue the key aspects of the game, but also misrepresent what the game is actually about.

Instead of a slot game, what you have here with Banana Jones is something that most closely resembles a board game, but a board game with a difference in that you can bet on it and also potentially win some money depending on the outcome of your five dice rolls.

It is important to note that this game does share the name of a slot from another company, so if you have loaded up Banana Jones and are thinking that this does indeed look like a slot, then you have loaded up the wrong game.

Banana Jones Details

  • Game Type - Board Game (based on Snakes and Ladders)
  • Top Jackpot - 62,600 coins
  • Bonus Features - Yes (2)
  • Min Bet - 0.20
  • Max Bet - 5.00

Banana Jones Presentation and Introduction

There is a lovely introduction to the game where you see the purple colored Banana Jones, who I can only assume is some kind of small monkey, flying his plane towards what appears to be a temple. Leopold the Leopard and his army of snakes don't want Banana to steal their treasure and so Leopold sends his snakes out to thwart the young adventurer on his quest to reach the temple.

The graphics, animations and the sound for this introductory sequence are all very nicely done and the game feeds off this sequence and takes you to Banana Jones on his approach to the temple. Here you have a 'board' that comprises of different types of squares. There is also a counter in the top left hand corner of the screen that will keep count of which squares you land on to see if you can generate a cash prize by doing so.

Before you start Banana Jones on his way, you need to decide the size of your bet and there are five bet sizes available, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00 and 5.00. Prizes are based on a multiplier of your total bet.

Banana Jones Game-Play

How you play the Banana Jones game is very simple. You choose your stake and regardless of the stake you choose, you receive five rolls of the dice, with the overarching aim of moving Banana Jones through the board and to the final space, whereupon he can enter the temple.

On the way, you can land on a number of different types of spaces on the game board.

  • Blank Spaces - These are spaces in which nothing happens
  • Vine Spaces - These are the 'ladder' spaces in which Banana Jones can progress up the board more quickly.
  • Snake Spaces - These are the spaces where if Banana Jones land, he will be moved back down the board
  • Gem Spaces - Land on these space and Banana Jones collects the Gem, collect enough and this can generate a cash prize for you when your dice rolls end.
  • Idol Spaces - These idol spaces can unlock one of the base game bonus features, the Treasure Wheel (more on that below)
  • Dice Spaces - There are two spaces on the board that look like dices. Land on these and you get an additional roll of the dice to move Banana Jones towards his goal.

While the aim of the game is to get Banana Jones to the temple (and thus triggering the third and final bonus game), you can also earn a pay out by landing on either the Gem, Snake or Vine symbols enough times during your five spins to generate a pay-out. You need to hit two Vines, Two snakes or three Gem spaces during your game in order to land a win.

Wins by collecting these symbols range fom 0.5x to 5x your bet for snake symbols, 1x to 25x your bet for vine symbols and 1x to 40x your bet for Gem symbols.

You then roll the dice and progress around the board and after five dice rolls if you reach the temple, you trigger the Crystal Banana Quest bonus round, or if not, then your game ends and if you have managed to land a pay-out from the squares you landed on, then this is paid to you.

Banana Jones Bonus Features

The main game bonus feature is triggered when you land on one of the seven different Idol spaces on the board. When you do, this triggers the Treasure Wheel.

This is a very simple bonus game where you get to spin a wheel. Prizes range from the very small (0.1x your bet) to the larger (50x your bet). Simply spin the reel and see what the arrow lands on to decide your prize (which is paid to you upon the completion of the game).

The other bonus feature is triggered when you reach the temple and is the Crystal Banana Quest. In this game, there are five different types of Crystal Fruit the player can collect by opening a series of chests. Each of the five fruits has a different pay out and the aim for the player is to collect three of one fruit to earn that prize.

Once you have collected three of one type of fruit then the game will end, and you will then receive your pay out based on the base round and the bonus round.

Best Feature of the Banana Jones Game

First off, it is nice to play a game other than a slot that can see you win money. The slower pace of the Banana Jones game does make it fun to play, although it is hard to see how much long term appeal it would have with the higher prizes seemingly so difficult to hit. I like the inventiveness of the game and the fact that Realtime Gaming have tried and succeeded in producing a game that is very different to their standard slot offering. It also benefits from being very easy to play and having a generally small number of lower value wagers.


Banana Jones is a decent game and a nice touch from Realtime Gaming to introduce something other than a slot game to their players. This is a slower paced game with relatively small jackpots available, but it is fun to play and the change of pace offers a great alternative for someone seeking something else to play other than slot games from time to time.

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