T-Rex II

T-Rex II

  • Casino: Sloto'Cash
  • Category: Free Bonus
  • Title: T-Rex II
  • Type: 5 Reels, 25 Pay Lines, Progressive Jackpot, Wild, Free Spins, and Multiplier.
  • Genre: Dinosaurs
  • Bonus: $7,777 Bonus!
  • Software: Realtime Gaming
  • Summary: The sequel to the T-Rex slot is here and T-Rex II also boasts progressive jackpots as well as a host of other features which help bring this fearsome dinosaur to life. Let's see how this beast of a slot shapes up in under closer inspection.
  • Not Available In: Australia, Israel, Moldova, United Kingdom. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
  • Not Available in U.S. states: Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Washington. Residents from all other states are welcome to play.
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  • T-Rex II

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A few years ago, Realtime Gaming released a progressive jackpot slot called T-Rex. This was a very simple progressive game, which was based around the famous dinosaur of the same name that is still the most instantly recognizable dinosaur in the world today, and one of the most fierce creatures to ever roam the face of the earth.

In September 2019, the second slot in the series was released named T-Rex II and once again, this is a progressive jackpot slot with two jackpots available (Minor and Major) as well as a number of other bonus features that can be triggered in this higher than usual variance game.

Set in a time long before humans roamed the earth, the slot has a 5x3 reel set up and there are 25 selectable pay lines in play. You can bet from 0.01 to 0.25 as coins on each pay line giving a bet range from 0.01 up to 6.25 per spin, which means it is a slot that is best played by low to middle stakes players.

So how does this new T-Rex II progressive shape up? Will you have a roaring good time playing on the slot, or will this be a game that goes extinct just a short time after it has appeared on the scene? Let's take a closer look ourselves to find out.


  • Game: T-Rex II
  • Developer: Realtime Gaming
  • Reels: 5x3
  • Pay Lines: 25 (selectable)
  • Minimum Bet: 0.01 (0.25 for maximum lines in play)
  • Maximum Bet: 6.25
  • Jackpot: 5,000x
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: Yes
  • Volatility: High

Where can I play the T-Rex II slot?

If you want to head back in time to enjoy your own dinosaur themed slot adventure on the T-Rex II slot then you need to visit a top quality casino offering the game and one such place that does precisely that is Sloto'Cash Casino.

The casino is currently offering players a fantastic value starter bonus, which can be earned across your first five deposits at the casino but which when totaled could be worth up to a massive $7,777 in bonus funds to you. This is in addition to the cash that you deposit on the site to realize the bonus amounts.

As a new customer, in addition to the bonus cash you receive, you can also receive an additional bonus of up to 300 bonus spins, which you can play across a number of different slot games as you work your way through the deposit bonus offer. With a massive choice of top quality games to play, not just slot games, but other casino games too, you will always have plenty of choice on where you spend your bonuses and extra spins at Sloto'Cash Casino.


I have to be brutally honest and say that when you load up the T-Rex II slot for the first time, those first impressions that you get are not particularly great. The setting is a forest, which is fair enough, but it just a flat, dull backdrop with no animations. The sound effects used are sparse and don't really fit in with anything in the game and the symbols on the reels are a somewhat unusual choice and are not the highest quality. Certainly when you compare this slot to some other dinosaur themed games available, it looks a pale imitation of those.

What's on the reels?

There are ten standard symbols on the reels, plus a couple of bonus symbols which unlock the main bonuses within the slot game. The symbols start with the usual playing card symbols and these range from the 9 through to the ace and offer a range of wins from 5 coins up to 250 coins. Remember, if you play maximum bet on each spin, you will bet 25 coins per game, so those three-symbol wins are not that big.

The higher value symbols include a rather strange looking plant, plus three dinosaurs, the Velociraptor, the odd looking Suchomimus and lastly the Triceratops. The three dinosaur symbols offer small wins for just two symbols landed across the reels with the highest value win being 2,500 coins for five Triceratops across the reels.

Other than this the only other symbols on the reels are the Wild symbol and the Scatter as we will explore below.

Wild features

The standard Wild symbol is the T-Rex and this appears on the first reel in the game only and it substitutes for all other symbols in the game apart from the Scatter symbol. The good news is that if you land a pay line win using a Wild symbol then this comes with a 2x multiplier as standard.

However, if you land one or more of the three other dinosaur symbols on the reels then you can trigger the T-Rex Terror Wilds bonus which will see the T-Rex symbol eat the other symbol and turn it Wild. You can land one or many more of these T-Rex Terror Wild symbols across the reels and of course, when you do, you stand much more chance of a larger value win. This feature is active in both the base game and also during Free Spins and it can be the source of some of the higher value wins in the slot.

Free Spins features

The Free Spins bonus is triggered when you land three, four or five of the hatching dinosaur egg Scatter symbols anywhere across the reels. When you do you will win 10, 20 or the maximum 100 Free Spins respectively.

During Free Spins you can re-trigger more free spins by landing three or more of the dinosaur eggs once again and you can also have the T-Rex Terror Wild feature come into play on spins and land you some of the bigger wins available in the bonus round.

Other bonus features

Alongside the Wild bonus features and the Free Spins, the T-Rex II slot also offers a randomly triggered progressive jackpot prize, or rather two different progressive jackpot prizes, the minor and the major jackpot, with the Major being around 10x higher than the Minor.

The progressive jackpot wins are triggered entirely at random on any spin, so you could be a winner even if your spin is a losing one.

Best feature of the T-Rex II slot

Although the Free Spins bonus and the progressive jackpots are good additions to the slot, for me the winner on the game and what makes it especially good fun to play is the T-Rex Terror Wilds bonus. The fact this feature is active in both Free Spins and the base game and can see you land some massive prizes in both sections of the game, really does give it additional appeal, especially when you see how often it lands on the reels. Most times, it does only trigger one additional symbol turning Wild, but when you trigger many, the size of the win can be huge.

What does the T-Rex II slot lack?

I don't really feel that the T-Rex II slot lacks anything in terms of features. There are a couple of things that I would have changed about the design though. First, I'd have chosen a more familiar dinosaur other than Suchomimus to be on the reel and I'd have really smartened up the graphics and sound on the slot as these are what really lets it down as when you get to the content and the game-play, the game delivers on both fronts.


After being initially unimpressed with the T-Rex II slot, the more I played the game, the more I realized that this is a very well-constructed higher volatility slot game. The sheer number of bonus features in the game is appealing and the T-Rex Terror Wilds bonus is a real winner for players when it lands across multiple bonuses. Free Spins is also potentially lucrative thanks to this bonus and it seems easier to hit than some other slots I have played of late. The fact you can win up to 100 Free Spins (and re-trigger more) is also very appealing. As Han Solo said of the Millennium Falcon "she may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts" and that could easily apply to the T-Rex II slot.


  • Presentation: 13 / 20 - I have to be honest and say that I was distinctly underwhelmed by the presentation on the T-Rex II slot. When you compare this game to the likes of the Microgaming classic Jurassic Park, the quality of the graphics and innovation used in the game itself, is lacking far behind. The backdrop is nice enough, but static and the sound effects don't convey any gravitas and neither do they really link in with dinosaurs, except for the odd roar or two. It's not the worst looking game you will ever see, but it is also far from the best too.
  • Game-play: 14 / 20 - Your view of the game play on the T-Rex II slot is going to be heavily shaped by your view of higher volatility games. This game is a very high volatility and as a result, the game-play reflects that with fewer wins, but a much wider selection of sizes of win, ranging from very small to very large. The T-Rex Terror Wilds bonus really does give all aspects of the game a real boost and it is this which plays a large part in why the base game is so much fun.
  • Bonus Features: 17 / 20 - Where the T-Rex II slot does score well is in terms of the different bonuses available on the slot. This begins with a Standard Wild symbol and there is also the T-Rex Terror Wilds, which can see other dinosaur symbols turned Wild if you land the T-Rex Terror Wild. The Free Spins bonus round is fun too, especially if you can land the 100 spins for five Scatters and of course there is the progressive jackpot element of the game which can be won at random on any spin. That is a very healthy selection of bonus features.
  • Entertainment Factor: 15 / 20 - Although not overly impressed with how the game looks and sounds, the T-Rex II slot is one that will quickly grow on you when you play it. Lower stakes slots players who prefer lower volatility slots may not find this their cup of tea, but if you love higher volatility slots with lots of features then T-Rex II certainly ticks all the right boxes and will have you playing happily for a considerable time.
  • Play Value: 12 / 20 - This is a higher volatility slot and at times, it feels very high and as such, this is not a game that you should play if you are worried about losing a chunk of your bank balance. However, if you love these games and the chance to win some sizeable cash prizes, albeit you may need to be patient to do so, then this slot will definitely hold appeal and if you win big, you can end the session well in front.
  • Overall 71 / 100 - I wasn't the biggest fan of the original T-Rex slot so I have to be honest and say that I wasn't expecting much from the next game in the series, but I was pleasantly surprised by the T-Rex II game. It is fun to play, highly volatile but offers some great value wins, plenty of bonus features and two progressive jackpots to chase. The game is a little quirky and graphically and in terms of sound, it isn't the most eye-catching, but the sheer number of bonuses and the size of wins makes this one slot well worth giving a few spins to try at the very least.

Good Luck!

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