Tiger Treasures

Tiger Treasures

  • Casino: Cafe Casino
  • Category: Free Bonus
  • Title: Tiger Treasures
  • Type: 5 Reels, 20 Pay Lines, Progressive Jackpot, Wilds, Free Spins, and Multiplier.
  • Genre: Retro
  • Bonus: $1,000 matched on your 1st deposit!
  • Software: Realtime Gaming
  • Summary: Realtime Gaming's Tiger Treasures roars onto screen and earns its stripes as a low volatility slot with a very enticing 40,000 coin jackpot prize on offer.
  • Not Available In: Australia, Israel, Moldova, United Kingdom. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
  • Not Available in U.S. states: Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Washington. Residents from all other states are welcome to play.
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  • Tiger Treasures

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One of the real joys about reviewing slots is that every so often, a game will come along that seems to be laughably bad, but when you play it, it turns out that it is actually a little corker.

Of course, the flip side of this is the games that look astonishingly good, but when you load them up for a few spins, quickly reveal that the looks are only skin deep and what lies behind is a pretty uninspiring slot.

Uninspiring is a good word as that is pretty much how I felt when I loaded up the Tiger Treasures slot from Realtime Gaming, which is being offered in a number of casinos around the world today. In terms of how it looks and sounds, we are heading dangerously back towards the 1990s here, and this is on a slot that is not specifically designed to be a retro game.

So did the disappointments continue when we hit Tiger Treasures for a few spins? Was this a rather meek cat that slunk back to its den without a roar? Or did this rather ancient looking kitty have a surprise in store for us when we actually decided to take her for a spin or two?

Let's take a look and find out a bit more about the slot and where you can play it.


  • Game: Tiger Treasures
  • Developer: Realtime Gaming
  • Reels: 5x3
  • Pay Lines: 20 (selectable)
  • Minimum Bet: 0.01 (0.20 with maximum lines in play)
  • Maximum Bet: 100.00
  • Jackpot: 40,000x
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: No
  • Progressive: Yes
  • Volatility: Low

Where can I play the Tiger Treasures slot?

There are a few good options, one being Sloto'Cash as they are offering a $7,777 Welcome Bonus plus 300 Free Spins. Another option to play the Tiger Treasure slot and you are based in the United States in particular, then Cafe Casino may well be the perfect choice for you.

Not only does Cafe Casino offer a wide range of high-quality slot games, including an extensive catalogue of Realtime Gaming software, but as a new customer you will be eligible for the companies great value introductory bonus offer. It's called the Super Play Welcome Bonus and it is a 500% Matched Deposit Bonus on your first deposit on the site!

With a 10x maximum cash out in play, plus a 35x wagering requirement, Cafe Casino is a great value option for higher rollers, but lower stakes players can also enjoy a second option of a 100% No-Max Welcome Bonus of up to $1,000 on your first deposit, which has just a 25x wagering requirement and no maximum cash out value limit in place.

With such a wide range of options available, it is easy to see why Cafe Casino is a top rated choice for players in the United States - without state restrictions. On the right side of this page you will see the restricted US states... those apply to Sloto'Cash only.

At Cafe Casino you can play with Bitcoin as well!


Let's get this out the way quickly because this could be a bit of a bloodbath to be honest. Tiger Treasures is a retro slot, but it not designed to be a retro styled slot. It just is because, and there's no easy way of putting it, the game looks and sounds pretty dismal in comparison to more modern day slots, including many recent Realtime Gaming releases.

The graphics look like they have been designed by a group of schoolchildren as they are comically bad, the backdrop of a few leaves against black is I think meant to represent undergrowth, but where? In space I can only presume. The animations seem to have been compiled on a ZX81 from the 1980s and the sound has just been borrowed from about 100 other Realtime Gaming slots from the early 2000s.

If you are expecting a feast on the eyes and ears in the Tiger Treasures slot then think again.

What's on the reels?

There are a total of ten standard symbols on the reels in the Tiger Treasures slot. They begin with the playing card symbols which go from the 9 through to the ace and which offer a range of wins starting at 5 coins for three of the 9 or 10 symbols and going up to 200 coins for landing five of the aces across the reels.

The higher value symbols are the orchid, the butterfly, the panda and the large gemstone. These offer pays from just two symbols on a pay line (of between 2 and 5 coins) and they also offer pays of three symbols or more ranging from a low of 20 coins for three orchids, up to 1,500 coins for five of the gemstones across a pay line.

There are two other symbols on the reels, the Wild and the Scatter and these are linked to two of the three main bonus features of the slot.

Wild features

The Tiger symbol is the in game Wild and it only appears on the second and fourth reels in the base game. If you manage to land a win with a Tiger Wild as part of it, then the great news is that the value of that win will be trebled thanks to a 3x multiplier applied to the win as standard.

Free Spins features

The Chinese symbol is the Scatter symbol in the game, and this serves two functions. Firstly, if you land two or more of the symbols consecutively on a pay line you will win a cash prize which ranges from 2x your total bet up to 100x your total bet if you can land all five Scatters across the reels.

In addition to this, if you hit three or more Scatters in a row across three consecutive reels then you will receive the Free Spins bonus. You will receive between 5 and 25 Free Spins and during the bonus round, you will also have the Tiger Wild in play on the third reel, as well as having extra of these Wilds on the second and fourth reels.

As a result of having to land the Scatters on consecutive reels, it can be very tricky to trigger the Free Spins bonus round in the game so you need to be patient in order to access this part of the game.

Other bonus features

There are two other important bonus features on the Tiger Treasures slot and in truth, these are the features which really make a huge difference to the game and which give it that massive appeal to keep you coming back to play time and time again.

The most important of these, for me at least, is the fact that you can win both ways across the reels. This is a hugely underrated (and underused) bonus feature, but it effectively doubles your chances of winning on every spin (often for no additional cost). It is this feature, truth be told, which makes the Tiger Treasures slot low volatility and is the reason why you can trigger so many wins on the game.

The other bonus feature which is important is the progressive jackpot prize. This increases in size with every spin on the slot and it is awarded entirely at random to any player at any time that plays a spin on the slot and gets lucky when the progressive RNG kicks in. The fact this is a decent sized progressive also adds a huge amount of appeal to the game.

Best feature of the Tiger Treasures slot

For me there's a lot to like about the Tiger Treasure slot but the undoubted winner for me when it comes to this game is the fact that you can win both ways across the reels. This makes the slot a lower variance game and makes it playable, despite having a Free Spins bonus round that can be very difficult to trigger at times. The Wild symbol, with its 3x multiplier can also help the player land some great value wins in the base game and especially during Free Spins.

What does the Tiger Treasures slot lack?

Apart from the somewhat dismal presentation of the slot, I don't think there is actually too much wrong with the Tiger Treasures slot. Sure the Free Spins bonus is tough to trigger due to you needing to land scatters consecutively across a pay line, not just anywhere on the reels, but this is offset by the fact you win both ways across the reels. Other than smartening up its presentation somewhat, this slot needs very little in terms of tweaks to make it better.


Despite its rather disappointing appearance, the Tiger Treasures slot is actually a rather playable and enjoyable game. The base game in particular is one of the more lower variance slots I have played in a while with those 3x Wild multiplier wins plus the fact you can win both ways across the reels, meaning that you are never too far away from a win to keep your bankroll topped up. Add to that a progressive jackpot and some good value Free Spins, which are admittedly tough to access and you have a slot that despite its appearance on the eye, is actually a roaring success.


  • Presentation: 8 / 20 - Oh dear, the presentation on the Tiger Treasures slot is almost comically bad. The sound is simply generic beeps and whistles as you would get in a slot in a casino, the graphics are poor, and the animations few and far between, but when they kick in they are so poor that you wonder why they bothered in the first place. I don't really understand what look Realtime Gaming were going for with this slot, but I can guarantee that it didn't really work.
  • Game-play: 17 / 20 - Well, knock me down with a feather! As Han Solo once said about the Millennium Falcon “It may not look like much kid, but she's got it where it counts” and that is very much the case with the Tiger Treasures slot. The ability to win both ways means that you hit regular wins and ensures a lower variance but with the added appeal of some better value Wild wins and a big Progressive Jackpot also in play.
  • Bonus Features: 18 / 20 - A big value Wild multiplier…tick. A good value Free Spins round…tick. A big progressive jackpot prize to chase…tick and lastly, the ability to win both ways across the reels at no extra cost…tick. Tiger Treasures indeed ticks all the right boxes for the best bonus features you can find on a slot in my view. I have knocked off a couple of marks for how tough the Free Spins feature is to trigger and the fact that Scatters don't pay out anywhere across the reels, they instead have to be on a winning line and in sequence. Other than that, this is a slot packed out with some brilliant bonuses.
  • Entertainment Factor: 15 / 20 - If you prefer higher variance games then the regular small wins on Tiger Treasures may not be your cup of tea, but personally I like a good low variance slot now and then and Tiger Treasures is certainly that. Winning both ways across the reels makes a huge difference to this game, as does the value of the Wild wins. Free Spins are tough to trigger, which lowers this mark a little, but overall, this is still a slot that you will keep coming back to play.  
  • Play Value: 15 / 20 - It's rare I give a mark out over 13 or 14 in this category because slots are generally designed to ensure the casino has a nice house edge over the player, but I think Tiger Treasures is one of the more player friendly slots around today, ostensibly because of that very low variance in game-play. Admittedly, you won't win massive amounts (unless you hit the progressive jackpot) but if you want solid slot gaming without the big risk to your bankroll, you won't find many better games than Tiger Treasures.
  • Overall 73 / 100 - My oh my, what a turn up for the books. After viewing the slot initially I expected this to be another rather dull, retro-styled slot. Instead you get a game packed with bonuses, with low variance, regular wins, a sizeable progressive jackpot prize, some good value Wild wins and a decent Free Spins bonus feature. Had Realtime Gaming invested a bit more in the presentation, this slot would have been in the 80s. Appearances can be deceptive because this is a fabulous slot.

Good Luck!

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