Extra Juicy

Extra Juicy

  • Casino: Black Diamond
  • Category: Free Spins
  • Title: Extra Juicy
  • Type: 5 Reels, 10 Pay Lines, Free Spins, Re-Trigger Feature, and Multiplier.
  • Genre: Retro
  • Bonus: 25 Free Spins + 200% First Deposit Bonus
  • Software: Pragmatic Play
  • Summary: You can re-trigger Free Spins up to four times to earn 60 free spins with up to a 60x multiplier in play! That's the size of the challenge on Pragmatic Play's exciting new Extra Juicy slot.
  • Not Available In: Afghanistan, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, American Samoa, Aruba, Belgium, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Chad, Hong Kong, Congo, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eritrea, France and Territories, Gibraltar, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, North Korea, Libya, Monaco, Myanmar, Montserrat, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Territories, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Zimbabwe. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
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I have to be honest and when I heard the name Extra Juicy, I did wonder why Pragmatic Play had decided to do a slot game about a new brand of chewing gum. However, the Extra Juicy slot is nothing of the sort and instead refers, presumably, to the copious amounts of retro-styled fruit symbols that populate the reels of this game.

Pragmatic Play do have a good track record when it comes to producing good quality higher variance slot games in the past and they have taken some bold decisions with the Extra Juicy slot. There's no Wild symbol on the reels for one and to get the most from the game, you need to re-trigger (up to four times) your Free Spins bonus game. Get lucky with that though and there are some sizeable wins available in the game.

This is a slot which has definitely been put together with the mobile-generation very much in mind with a number of features, including battery saving options, in place to aid this particular niche of slot players to play. So how does Pragmatic Play pull all this together into a single slot game?

Let's take a closer look and find out.


  • Game: Extra Juicy
  • Developer: Pragmatic Play
  • Reels: 5x3
  • Pay Lines: 10 (non-selectable)
  • Minimum Bet: 0.10
  • Maximum Bet: 40.00
  • Jackpot: 60,000x
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: No
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: High

Where can I play the Extra Juicy slot?

If you want to play the brand new Extra Juicy slot, or any of Pragmatic Play's excellent back catalogue of slot games, then the place to head to enjoy a few spins is Black Diamond Casino. Not only does the casino regularly release new slots for its customers to play but when you sign up you can benefit from a great value starter bonus too.

New customers will receive 25 Free Spins simply for registering with the casino and then when they have made their initial deposit, they will also qualify for a sizeable 200% Matched Deposit bonus, which could be worth as much as $2,000 if they deposit the maximum amount of cash on their initial deposit.

That will then give you a sizeable bankroll of funds for you to play your way through on the wide selection of slot games and casino games available on the popular Black Diamond Casino site.


The presentation of the Extra Juicy slot is somewhat basic to be fair, there's a muted pastel colored pallet behind the reels that changes color as you play the game and the five reels are somewhat simply designed, as are the symbols on the reels, which as you would expect from the title of the slot, are all based on popular retro-styled fruit machine symbols.

There is a reason for this simplicity however and that is because the Extra Juicy slot has been designed very much with tablet and smartphone players in mind. You can play a less graphic-intensive version of the game, which will save on your battery life and the simple graphics approach make it very easy to see what is happening on screen even on the smallest size phone.

The musical accompaniment on the slot is nicely done and the game plays well. It is a volatile slot however, you do get a real mix of wins and it can take a while to hit a decent sized win, which does make it important that you get the amount you are betting from your bankroll on each spin bang on the money for the game.

Do that though and Extra Juicy will provide plenty of fun for you long into the future.

What's on the reels?

There are a total of seven standard symbols on the reels and six of these are based on the popular fruit-styled symbols found on retro games. The Cherry is the lowest value of the fruits and in order of value it goes to lemon, orange, plum, grapes and lastly the melon.

The non-fruit symbol on the reel is the bell and this is the highest paying symbol on the slot. There is just one other symbol on the slot, the Scatter, which links in with the main bonus feature of the game and which we will explore in more detail below.

One thing to note with this slot however is that wins pay when you land three symbols anywhere across the ten pay lines, they do not have to start with the leftmost reel. So if you hit a sequence of three symbols anywhere on the 10 pay lines, even if it starts on the second or third reel, you will receive a win.

Wild features

The Extra Juicy slot does not have any Wild symbol on the reels.

Free Spins features

The Diamond Scatter symbol appears anywhere on the first, third and fifth reels and if you are lucky enough to land the scatter in all three positions on a single spin, then you will receive a cash bonus of 2x your total bet, plus you will trigger the Progressive Multiplier Free Spins bonus game.

In this bonus game, which is played on a special set of reels, each player is awarded 12 Free Spins and begins on a 1x multiplier. After each Free Spin, the size of the multiplier increases by one, which means that by the twelfth spin, you have a 12x multiplier in play. The only wins that do not receive this bonus pay out are if you land three more Scatters on the reels.

However, if you do then there is further good news as you will receive an additional 12 Free Spins on top of those you have already earned. Furthermore, the multiplier does not reset back to 1x after the 12 free spins and increases onto 13x and so on. You an re-trigger Free Spins a maximum of four additional times, which means you could play up to 60 Free Spins with a 60x multiplier available on that last win.

Other bonus features

Other than the bonus features listed above, there are no additional bonuses available on the Extra Juicy slot.

Best feature of the Extra Juicy slot

There's no doubt that the jewel in the crown of the Extra Juicy slot is its Free Spins bonus game and the fact it has a steadily increasing multiplier. The key aspect of the bonus (and the chance to win some really big prizes) comes when you re-trigger the bonus to land extra spins as this gives you the potential to win some cash on the much larger multipliers available in later free spins.

There are some very high wins possible in this bonus, but as with all Free Spins round, not every spin is a winner but if you can hit a decent win on one of the latter spins in the game, then it can prove to be a very lucrative win for the player.

What does the Extra Juicy slot lack?

There's no doubt that the Extra Juicy slot would have benefited from a Wild symbol being included on the reels. When you come from playing slot games that do have this feature, you really do miss the frequency of wins that it provides and as such, this is really what makes the Extra Juicy slot somewhat volatile as you can have periods where you will spin and spin and not hit a winner.


The Extra Juicy slot is a different slot to many even though it looks very much like a generic slot game. It is a retro-styled game, but its main bonus feature is definitely more forward-looking and the fact that the multiplier can grow so high makes it a hugely enticing bonus. Wins on the slot can and do vary a great deal and most of your good fortune hinges on triggering and then re-triggering the Free Spins bonus,. Do that and you can win some sizeable cash prizes playing this enjoyable and fun slot.


  • Presentation: 13 / 20 - The Extra Juicy slot has been optimized for smartphone and tablet play and the net result is a slot which is easy on the eye, but not the most spectacular in terms of visuals. I like the idea of energy saving mode though and the game itself is not impacted by the rather simplistic presentation. It won't win any awards for technological brilliance, but for a slot game which is great fun to play on any device, Extra Juicy is perfectly acceptable.
  • Game-play: 12 / 20 - The game play is influenced by two things. Firstly the positive is that you can win anywhere across the reels, not just starting from the first reel and that does help you land some extra wins that you initially don't expect. The negative side is that without a Wild on a reel, it can be hard to hit some decent value wins in the base game and this is what does make the game a lot more volatile than other slots.
  • Bonus Features: 14 / 20 - Although there is just the one bonus feature on the Extra Juicy slot, I think it is an absolute cracker. The Free Spins bonus with 12 spins is good enough but with the increasing multiplier and the chance to unlock additional Free Spins by re-triggering the bonus, with multipliers available up to 60x the standard win, it adds a huge amount of fun when playing through your bonus and makes those additional spins well worth targeting.
  • Entertainment Factor: 14 / 20 - If you are a fan of higher volatility slots, then the Extra Juicy slot will be right up your street. The game is simple enough to play and does offer a range of pays to the player. Wins can range from the very small to the very large and sessions can result in big wins, or big losses, such is the way with higher volatility games. The bonus feature is what keeps you spinning however and if you can trigger and then re-trigger that, then the slot takes on a whole new dimension.
  • Play Value: 10 / 20 - As a higher volatility slot, you will need to be careful with the Extra Juicy game as it can work its way through a bankroll quickly if you are playing for too much money per spin. Keep your bets low and look for longevity of play, rather than a short session on the slot, and you will have more chance of experiencing the best the game has to offer. It is a slot that does reward patience, however.
  • Overall 63 / 100 - Extra Juicy is a fun and enjoyable slot to play that has a number of exciting and well-designed features. The game is striking because of its simplicity and offers solid high variance slot gaming. The jewel in the crown of the game is its bonus feature and that increasing multiplier and if you can re-trigger the bonus a couple of times, some very sizeable wins could be yours.

Good Luck!

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