Jurassic Park

  • Casino: Spartan Slots
  • Category: Free Spins
  • Title: Jurassic Park
  • Type: 5x3 Reels, 243 Ways to Win, Dilophosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaurus Rex Free Spins Bonus Games, T-Rex Alert Bonus Game, and Multiplier.
  • Genre: Jurassic, Dinosaurs
  • Bonus: 25 Free Spins on Signup
  • Software: Microgaming
  • Summary: Relive the Jurassic Park adventure with No Deposit Free Spins! Jurassic Park offers 243 Ways to Win and five Free Spins features. The randomly appearing T-Rex Alert Mode adds multiple Wild symbols to the reels!
  • Not Available In: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Denmark, France and Territories, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Territories. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
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It may have been a while since Jurassic Park first hit cinemas, but its legacy is still being felt. Indeed, the film has spawned a number of sequels, most recently Jurassic World, which rebooted the original series back in 2015 and was a huge box office hit.

With another film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (trailer) slated for release in June 2018, the franchise shows no signs of diminishing in popularity and although it has taken a considerable amount of time for the slot version of the original game to appear, Microgaming have dished us up what appears to be an instant classic.

Like the original film set the bar for special effects, the Jurassic Park slot is the first slot to use Parallax Scrolling which ensures that the game comes to life like never before and enhances the myriad of features on this massively popular and innovative slot.

Let's take a closer look at how the game looks and plays.


  • Game: Jurassic Park
  • Developer: Microgaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Pay Lines: 243 Ways to Win
  • Minimum Bet: $0.30
  • Maximum Bet: $15
  • Jackpot: 1,500 coins
  • Free Spins Bonus: Yes
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: Medium

Where can I play the Jurassic Park slot?

If you are looking for a decent casino to play the Jurassic Park slot, then head on over to the popular Spartan Slots where you can enjoy a fantastic value starter bonus as a new customer.

Sign up today with this Microgaming friendly casino and claim 25 Free Spins on Sign-Up (no deposit required) and if you do decide to deposit they will triple your first deposit! The minimum deposit to get started with the deposit bonus is just $10.


There is only one word to describe the presentation of the Jurassic World slot and that is stunning. From the moment the slot kicks into gear, the time invested in the presentation, which includes 3D rendered images and digitized sound effects from the film, draw you immediately into the world of Jurassic Park.

The visuals are stunning but so is the sound, with an epic soundtrack to do justice to the game. As you spin, the background scrolls along, so you actually feel like you are journeying into the forest as you play. The effect is simple, yet stunning and with the 3D depth, you are drawn into the slot like no other I've played previously.

The animations and cut scenes when you trigger bonuses only enhance the feeling that you are part of the action on screen. Few slots have this level of player immersion on what is happening on screen and for this Microgaming deserve immense praise.

What is on the reels?

On the reels of the slot are five dinosaurs, the Dilophosaurus, the Triceratops, the Brachiosaurus, the Velociraptor and of course the might Tyrannosaurus Rex and these are the five lower paying symbols on the reels.

They are joined by four key characters from the movie as the higher paying symbols and they are Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) and John Hammond (Richard Attenborough). These are the higher value symbols on the reels.

Winning with each symbol triggers a nice animated scene from the move pertaining to that character which adds an extra edge of excitement to the game. There are two other symbols on the reels, the Wild and the Scatter which we will explore in the feature sections below.

Wild features

The immediately recognizable Jurassic Park logo is the Wild symbol and this can substitute for all other symbols on the slot apart from the scatter. In addition as triggering wins for other symbols, if you land three, four or five wilds in succession across the reels, then you will win a prize which increases markedly in size depending on how many Wilds landed.

During the base game the Jurassic Park wild is stacked up to three symbols high.

Free Spins features

The Free Spins feature is actually five different Free Spins rounds, which you have to play through five times each, in order, before you can unlock a free choice of all five rounds when you next trigger the bonus. Each of the five rounds is based on one of the dinosaurs in the game and each has its own bonus features:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex - 12 Free Spins with Wild Reels
  • Velociraptor - 12 Free Spins with Multiplier Wilds and Split Wilds
  • Triceratops - 12 Free Spins with Running Wilds
  • Brachiosaurus - 12 Free Spins with Mystery Multiplier
  • Dilophosaurus - 12 Free Spins with Winning Wilds

As you progress through the spins, which starts at the Dilophosaurus bonus round and works its way upwards, the bonuses on the free spins round improve until the T-Rex bonus, which could see you turn all five reels Wild on one of your free spins, triggering a massive multiple pay line pay out of 380,000 coins.

Other bonus features

Although all the features outlined above are excellent, my favorite feature of the entire slot is the T-Rex Alert bonus game, which is triggered randomly on any spin in the base game. When a T-Rex is spotted, it will come crashing through the foliage at the back of the screen and your chances of winning on the next spin with 35 extra Wild symbols placed on the reels.

The Alert Mode is active for the next six paid spins (although you cannot increase the size of your bet at this point). With so many more Wild symbols on the reels, you have a considerably better chance of landing a better value win than you would on a standard spin.

What is nice about this bonus too is that it triggers relatively frequently, so you don't have to play through too many spins before it occurs once again.

Best feature of the Jurassic Park slot

In truth, the Jurassic Park slot features so many different features and all of them are excellent. I do enjoy the T-Rex Alert Bonus game as it really livens up the base game and the fact that it can trigger at any point does add a huge amount of excitement to the standard spins.

However that is not to say that they are better than the different free spins bonus games you can land. The fact that there are five to play through, each with different bonuses really adds a huge amount to the slot and gives the bonus features a much bigger dimension. It also means that the slot has great longevity, as there are so many features to play through it is difficult to see them all in just a couple of sessions.

It is this playability combined with the vast array of bonuses which are perhaps the very best aspect of the slot. One session is never the same as another and this makes the game more fun to play.

What does the Jurassic Park slot lack?

I don't feel that a game so technologically advanced for a slot can really lack anything fundamental. The amount of options and features crammed into the Jurassic Park slot mean that this is a slot that really doesn't lack for anything. It has all the features you would expect from a top class slot and many more besides. Add to that all the technical innovations on the slot and a fun base game that has a random bonus triggering frequently as you play and you have pretty much all the perfect ingredients for a top class slot.


The Jurassic Park slot from Microgaming may well have been "65 Million Years in the Making" as the film tagline says, but it was well worth that wait. This is one of the finest slot releases in many a year, featuring a host of new technological advances and features, while still adhering to the key slot game basics that makes these games so appealing.

The fact you can work your way through the different Free Spins rounds before you unlock all of them for selection is a nice touch, especially when you understand that the slot will save your progress, so when you come back to the game, you are not starting from square one once again.

Jurassic Park is without doubt one of Microgaming's finest achievements and it is a slot well worthy of the classic tag.


  • Presentation: 20 / 20 - Quite simply, the presentation of the Jurassic Park is as good as anything you are likely to see on any other slot game, if not considerably better. The game may have several new technical innovations it uses wisely, such as Parallax 3D scrolling, but it is the way these are used with the different features of the game that make it so special. The graphics are superb and it feels at times more like an interactive movie rather than a slot game. Jurassic Park has set a new benchmark in quality in terms of what slot games can now achieve and it is now up to others to follow this standard.
  • Game-Play: 18 / 20 - What is perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the Jurassic Park slot is that with all the presentation being so stylish and the game so full of content, they have not sacrificed the game-play in any way to accommodate this. The slot plays superbly well, both in the standard base game and also in the bonus rounds. It is exciting when you play the base game because you can trigger a random feature at any point and you get a nice mix of wins as you play and triggering the bonus features never seems too far away.
  • Bonus Features: 20 / 20 - It's rare that I give out top marks for a slot in any category, but to do it twice is I think a first but I have no option. The sheer number of bonus features on the Jurassic Park slot means that you can play through this slot for a considerable time and still not see every bonus you can trigger. There is huge depth of game-play on the slot and that is down to the depth of bonus features allied to an inventive and clever base game.
  • Entertainment Factor: 17 / 20 - The only slight issue I have with the entertainment factor when playing the Jurassic Park slot is that at times, when you trigger a bonus, the pay out can be a little on the small side. Of course, variance explains this, but it is frustrating to land a bonus game for the first time and then end up with a relatively small win. However on other occasions, these games are rewarding and so you get the balance between the two.
  • Play Value: 13 / 20 - In terms of Play Value, I'd say that Jurassic Park is a lower to medium variance game at times and can fluctuate between the two depending on how long you play and how much you wager per spin. Smaller stakes players I think get the best deal as this is a game you need to play over a longer time period in order to get the best value. Big wins are possible however with up to 6,000 times your stake available to be won in the T-Rex Alert Mode alone.
  • Overall 88 / 100 - Jurassic Park is a majestic slot which has everything you need to enjoy sustained slot gaming over a lengthy period of time. The bonus games are diverse and rewarding, although the size of rewards is somewhat mixed and the base game rattles along at a great pace and has a superb random bonus you can trigger. Add to this all the movie clips and a superb digital soundtrack and you have all the ingredients for one of the very best slots of the modern era.

Good Luck!

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