Cash Grab

Cash Grab

  • Casino: Red Stag
  • Category: Free Spins
  • Title: Cash Grab
  • Type: 3 Reels, 1 Pay Lines, Wild Multiplier and Bonus feature.
  • Genre: Retro
  • Bonus: $2,500 Bonus + 44 Free Spins (12-22 May, 2019 only)
  • Software: WGS Technology
  • Summary: Pick your coin size and play three per spin for a chance to win the Cash Grab bonus on the WGS Technology retro slot that has taken casinos by storm.
  • Not Available In: Canada, Israel, Moldova. Residents from all other countries and territories are welcome to play.
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  • Cash Grab

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When I heard the name of WGS Technology's Cash Grab slot, I immediately thought of those grab a prize games that you see in arcade where if you spend about $50, you can win a stuffed toy worth about $3 and yet you feel like you are a complete winner. However, this is a slot game and it is a retro-styled one at that.

The game is named after one of the features of the slot, the Cash Grab bonus round, which can only be activated if you play three coins per spin and then land the Cash Grab bonus symbol in the correct position on the third reel. The rest of the game is designed very much on a retro styled slot and you can wager from 0.01 up to 10.00 per coin, and you can wager from one to three coins per spin (however, it makes more sense to wager three coins per spin to ensure you have the Cash Grab bonus available).

So does the Cash Grab slot a grab your attention and keep you playing, or is this high variance slot one that will get its claws deep into your bank balance and not let go? Let's take a closer look and find out.


  • Game: Cash Grab
  • Developer: WGS Technology
  • Reels: 3
  • Pay Lines: 1
  • Minimum Bet: 0.01
  • Maximum Bet: 30.00
  • Jackpot: 2,400 coins
  • Free Spins Bonus: No
  • Other Bonuses: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Volatility: High

Where can I play the Cash Grab slot?

If you want to try your luck on the Cash Grab slot this week, then why not take a look at what is on offer at Red Stag Casino? The casino has not long released a new and updated offer for new customers which means that depending on the size of your first few deposits on the site, you could be earning up to $2,500 in bonus cash, in addition you can also pick up up to 500 Free Spins to play across a selection of the fantastic slot games available from WGS Technology and other providers on the Red Stag Casino network.

Between May 12 - 22, 2019, you can get 44 Free Spins (without deposit) on the Cash Grab slot! Click here to read about this limited time deal where upon registering you simply use the coupon code GRAB44 to get those free spins!


The presentation of the Cash Grab slot is very much based on a retro-styled slot that you would play in a casino in times gone by. It is a very simple looking slot, but be warned, appearances can be deceptive as while it is easy to follow and easy to play, it can be a fiendishly difficult slot to make any kind of profit out of and if you are not careful it can eat through vast chunks of your bankroll in double quick time.

Part of the reason for that is although you have a single pay line in play, the symbols may not land on the line, but fall just above or below it on a spin. When this happens, it is automatically a non-winning spin (unless you can land a Cherry anywhere else on the reels) and there are a huge number of these spins that don't offer any sort of prize and that makes this slot even tougher.

The sound is simplistic but works for the slot as it is a retro-game and the graphics too err on the side of simplicity, but again work pretty well. The controls are, as is standard, at the foot of the reels. It is a slot you can pick up and play in an instant but just remember to check your bet level. It is also far better to play three coins per spin rather than one or two to unlock the Cash Grab bonus feature so that should be factored in when selecting your coin size to play.

What's on the reels?

As a more retro-styled slot, there are just a few symbols on the reels and these are familiar to anybody that has a love for older styled slots. The lowest value symbol is the Cherry, but don't dismiss that symbol just yet as although it is a lower paying one, it is the one which effectively rescues the slot for you as it can pay out when landed just once in any position on the reels and it will offer you a double your money pay out if it does.

Alongside the Cherry there are three different bar symbols, the blue single bar, the red double bar and the orange triple bar. These can be combined with their own symbols across the three reels to land the bigger value wins, or if you land any three bar symbols along the pay line, then you win a smaller amount. This is the second most common win after the Cherry in the game.

The only other symbol on the reel is the Lucky 7 symbol which is the highest standard pay-out symbol. After that there are just two other symbols, the Wild and the Cash Grab symbol, which only appears on the third reel for reasons we shall explore below.

Wild features

There is one Wild symbol in the Cash Grab slot, and it is actually a Wild Multiplier. When landed on the pay line as part of a win, it will multiply the standard win by 2x the amount to increase the value of the win. The good news is that if you can land two Wild Multipliers on a pay line and hit a win, then the value of that win will receive a 4x Multiplier and it is through this that some of the biggest wins in the game are available. However, it is worth noting that you do not tend to hit the Wild symbol on the reels anywhere near as often in the Cash Grab slot as you do some other games you can play.

Free Spins features

There are no Free Spins bonus features on the Cash Grab slot.

Other bonus features

The one bonus feature on the Cash Grab slot is triggered when you wager three coins and then land the Cash Grab symbol on the third reel. The symbol only appears on that reel but if you can land it on the pay line on a spin then you trigger the Cash Grab bonus game. This is a simple selection game where you have a choice of three different bags of cash, and you can pick one to win. Obviously, each bag contains a different amount of cash, so you want to try and bag the biggest amount if you can. The size of the prize in the bonus depends on the size of your triggering bet.

Best feature of the Cash Grab slot

Although you would think that the Cash Grab symbol on the third reel, or those 2x Wild Multiplier bonuses would be the best features of the slot, for me the key feature of the Cash Grab slot is the Cherry symbol. Why is that? Well because land the Cherry anywhere on the single pay line on a spin and you are guaranteed a small but profitable win and believe me, you will need it. It is by far the most common win (along with the mixed Bars win) and without it, this slot would be pretty much unplayable for anyone who cares about their bankroll.

What does the Cash Grab slot lack?

As a retro-slot, Cash Grab doesn't have many of the features you have come to expect from a modern game, but it would be wrong to knock the slot because of this because it isn't designed to have these features. What I do feel it lacks, even as a retro-game, is a few more lower value wins. You can have hundreds of spins and only ever see a few lower value wins and that does make the slot seem unduly punitive at times. A few more lower value wins on spins, and a few less non-winning spins where you land no symbols on a pay line, would have made the game a little more player-friendly.


As retro-slots go, Cash Grab ticks the right boxes, but it also has a couple of features in the Multiplier Wilds and the Cash Grab symbols which give it a little extra. In truth, it needs them because this is a very tough game to like simply because of how quickly it can race through a bankroll if played at an amount too large for your reserves. Personally, even though this is a higher variance slot, I'd still only play this game for smaller stakes, even micro stakes, in order to minimize the losses that tend to follow.


  • Presentation: 14 / 20 - The Cash Grab slot has been purposely designed to look like an older, 3-reel, single pay line slot and the designers have captured the genre very nicely indeed. The simple sound effects actually enhance the feeling that you are playing an older style game. With one pay line in play, you don't have to mess about selecting lines, but the fact you can change the size of your bet and number of coins makes it still variable enough for players of all bankroll sizes to enjoy.
  • Game-play: 12 / 20 - As a retro-styled slot, you are never going to have a game play that is constantly changing as you unlock different bonus features within a multiple-layered slot. No, with Cash Grab, what you see is what you get. Wins don't come along very often as is the case on higher variance slots, but it does make the game one of the simplest to understand and play. If you love retro slots then you will enjoy what Cash Grab has to offer, if you prefer slots with a little more complexity, then you may be better served looking elsewhere.
  • Bonus Features: 14 / 20 - Many retro slots tend to eschew bonus features completely but I think the Cash Grab slot strikes a happy balance between having bonus features, while retaining its retro appeal. The Cash Grab bonus, which becomes active when betting three coins, is a nice addition to the game, if not that easy to trigger. The Wild 2x Multipliers are also good additions, but again these can be hard to trigger in what is an easy game to play but a somewhat tough one to make any sort or profit on.
  • Entertainment Factor: 11 / 20 - I suppose the entertainment value of this slot is entirely determined by your feelings on retro styled slots. If you like high variance games that are simple to play, don't offer you much reward, but the opportunity to win a big amount if you get lucky, then Cash Grab hits the mark. Personally, I prefer my slots a little more forgiving and of a lower variance and as such, I didn't get as much enjoyment from it as other games, although the bonus feature and Wilds do give the slot a little extra on rare occasions.
  • Play Value: 8 / 20 - Ouch! This is where the Cash Grab slot really does hit you in the wallet. Given that this is a higher variance game, this is to be expected really, especially with just the single pay line and the fact that symbols won't necessarily land on the pay line in each spin. Unfortunately, this makes this one of the highest variance slots I've played in a while and it is one that can chew its way through a bankroll in double-quick time if you are not careful.
  • Overall 59 / 100 - As a retro-slot aimed at being high variance and offering a chance at some sizeable wins, the Cash Grab slot does the job well, but be warned, this is not a slot to be taken lightly. This can, and most likely will, eat through a good chunk of your bankroll before it pays you out, and then if at all. If you are fine with that and love retro-styled games, then Cash Grab is well worth a look. If you prefer lower variance or slots with a bit more variance in their game play (and more of those crucial pay lines) then you are best looking elsewhere.

Good Luck!

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